Lecture 1 (17:08)

Personal Media

by Shigeru Miyagawa

Step 10%
Lecture 2 (16:41)

Introducing the StarFestival curriculum

by Shigeru Miyagawa

Step 20%
Lecture 3 (38:48)

Next Big Thing: Video Internet

by Robert Metcalfe

Step 30%
Lecture 4 (15:53)

Media, Education, and Technology

by Bonnie Bracey

Step 40%
Lecture 5 (32:33)

Educational Uses of Technology

by Steven Lerman

Step 50%
Lecture 8 (13:41)

Discussion of StarFestival

by Shigeru Miyagawa

Step 80%
Lecture 9 (13:23)

Guest Lecture with Ms. Maria D'Itria

by Maria D'Itria Fifth grade, Harvard Kent School, Boston, USA

Step 90%
Lecture 10 (15:45)

Guest Lecture with Ms. Mary Rudder

by Mary Rudder, Kindergarten, Harvard Kent School, Boston, USA

Step 100%
Lecture 11 (09:06)

Guest Lecture with Brenda Matthis

by Brenda Matthis

Step 110%
Lecture 12 (13:40)

Guest Lecture with Nolan Bowie

by Nolan Bowie

Step 120%
Lecture 13 (08:43)

Guest Lecture with Anne Margulies

by Anne Margulies

Step 130%
Lecture 14 (17:12)

Guest Lecture with John Belcher

by John Belcher

Step 140%


Miyagawa, Shigeru. CMS.930 Media, Education, and the Marketplace, Fall 2001. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare), http://ocw.mit.edu


Prof. Shigeru Miyagawa

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