Media, Education and the Marketplace

How can we harness the emerging forms of interactive media to enhance the learning process? Professor Miyagawa and prominent guest speakers will explore a broad range of issues on new media and learning - technical, social, and business. Concrete examples of use of media will be presented as case studies. One major theme, though not the only one, is that today's youth, influenced by video games and other emerging interactive media forms, are acquiring a fundamentally different attitude towards media. Media is, for them, not something to be consumed, but also to be created. This has broad consequences for how we design media, how the young are taught in schools, and how mass media markets will need to adjust.


Lecture 1 (17:08)

Personal Media

by Shigeru Miyagawa

Step 157%
Lecture 2 (16:41)

Introducing the StarFestival curriculum

by Shigeru Miyagawa

Step 239%
Lecture 3 (38:48)

Next Big Thing: Video Internet

by Robert Metcalfe

Step 357%
Lecture 4 (15:53)

Media, Education, and Technology

by Bonnie Bracey

Step 40%
Lecture 5 (32:33)

Educational Uses of Technology

by Steven Lerman

Step 50%
Lecture 8 (13:41)

Discussion of StarFestival

by Shigeru Miyagawa

Step 80%
Lecture 9 (13:23)

Guest Lecture with Ms. Maria D'Itria

by Maria D'Itria Fifth grade, Harvard Kent School, Boston, USA

Step 950%
Lecture 10 (15:45)

Guest Lecture with Ms. Mary Rudder

by Mary Rudder, Kindergarten, Harvard Kent School, Boston, USA

Step 100%
Lecture 11 (09:06)

Guest Lecture with Brenda Matthis

by Brenda Matthis

Step 110%
Lecture 12 (13:40)

Guest Lecture with Nolan Bowie

by Nolan Bowie

Step 120%
Lecture 13 (08:43)

Guest Lecture with Anne Margulies

by Anne Margulies

Step 130%
Lecture 14 (17:12)

Guest Lecture with John Belcher

by John Belcher

Step 14100%


Miyagawa, Shigeru. CMS.930 Media, Education, and the Marketplace, Fall 2001. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare),


Prof. Shigeru Miyagawa

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