• 10 September 2015 9:10
A strong message from this lectures that i was doing. Enjoyed every sec of it and this are the following lectures that i really do enjoy the most and they make me want to work more and more.

Importance of attitude

what kind of attitude are you bring in? Are you this person that we can take risk with.
Look for someone who says let’s move forward let’s try it.

Learning about yourself

Learn how to pick yourself up, learn how to be scared and learn how to show it the is nothing wrong with it.
And learn about another people.
The is time when you need to learn how to crave something up and sometimes you should learn to let it go.
The younger you learn about yourself the better you will know what kind of a person you are.
Learn about who you real are.

Who should you surround yourself with

Learn about good people surround yourself with good people.
Some people thinks that just for them to be better is to push other people down.
People who don’t make it they like to surround them self with weak people and they think that they will become better.
Pick your friends, pick people that you hook up with.
And always get along with the winners because they will help you grow.
Always be around good people because when they are going up they will take you along with them, they will never leave you down like people who wants to be better with you or push you down.
And people they will always hand your hand and show you the way that you should take every time.

Its about loving what you do

Is a real kick when you do something that you love and enjoy.
Fall in love with what you are doing and add it with wellness to take risk.

The personal side of management

Care about people that you work with.
Is the job of further leaders to care about people that you are leading

Trust and honesty at the workplace

Trust is the big word for me to trust you must always be honest.
Hear about something that is not working.
Take a risk of coming forward and say i did this.

Moving laterally in company

is a good thing to move in the company, so that you can know most of the things, so that you can become a better C.E.O one day.

Promoting qualify leaders

Most of the people that they like to work with in the company, is because they are easy to work with them and they are already saw them as leaders before, no matter how big the company may be if you are a team player, get things done, being a nice person you will get noticed no matter what.

Now i know a lot of things that i don’t know before and some of the questions that i was asking myself about. And now i know most of the answers that i was busy asking myself about. Everything that i have always wanted to know about the business world, that if you get noticed and you can go big in the company on matter how big the company is. And that you can become a better c.e.o someday if you are moving in the company like changing the departments because one day you will be leading people and showing them that things that you have already done before. And you will become a better leader.


Carol Bartz, Autodesk: The Personal Side of Management, Fall 2001. (Stanford University: Stanford eCorner), License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0


Carol Bartz

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