Lecture 1 (02:27)

What is Entrepreneurship?

Jeff Hawkins, co-founder of Palm Computing, talks about what entrepreneurship is and isn't. Hawkins views entrepreneurship as a tool that is to be used sparingly and as a last resort. It is a tool to be used to pursue or accomplish one's goal in life, he says.

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Lecture 2 (04:10)

Following Your Goal

Hawkins advises everyone to find their passion and to use the fastest and surest ways to pursue that passion. He also believes it is very important to make the right decisions at critical junctures, as well as having fun while following one's goal.

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Lecture 3 (03:05)


Hawkins shares his views on outsourcing and discusses how his company decides when and how to outsource. He believes that since the world is becoming global, outsourcing is the right thing to do.

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Lecture 4 (02:11)

Hiring Plan

Hawkins discusses the importance of having a planned hiring process while starting any new business. He goes on to say that the people who have not only seen the positives and the growth of the company, but have also lived through the rough and tough times with the company, make the best entrepreneurs.

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Lecture 5 (01:37)

Importance of Going Slow

Hawkins believes that most companies go out of business because they grow rapidly rather than pacing themselves while growing.

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Jeff Hawkins, Effective Entrepreneurship: Following Your Goal, Planning, Going Slow, Fall 2002. (Stanford University: Stanford eCorner), http://ecorner.stanford.edu. License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0


Jeff Hawkins

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