Lecture 1 (03:12)

The Floor Plan

Doug goes through the floor plan of a shingle style home he designed discussing the visual characteristics that make it legible and descriptive.

Step 10%
Lecture 2 (02:17)

The Elevation

Doug talks about how to draw an architectural elevation using a floor plan. He also discusses the elements of a presentation architectural elevation as well as a few facts about the shingle style.

Step 20%
Lecture 3 (02:33)

The Wall Section

Doug goes through a typical wall section for the shingle style home he designed and discusses the important aspects of the drawing and what should be described.

Step 30%
Lecture 4 (02:11)

The Detail

Take a look at two construction details to see how they are drawn and what kind of information they contain that's helpful to the contractor.

Step 40%
Lecture 5 (02:17)

The Perspective

Join Doug to look at a perspective of the building he's designed for the series and a breakdown of how it was created.

Step 50%
Lecture 6 (02:27)


Doug describes how to use an architect's scale and how scale effects the size of a drawing in an architect's set.

Step 60%