Lecture 1 (01:52)


Innovation can be defined as the application of creativity toward solving a business problem. Encouraging innovation is one of the most difficult challenges facing company leadership today.

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Lecture 2

Workbook Introduction

Participant's Guidebook and Exercises Introduction

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Lecture 3 (05:22)

Part I - Innovation Warm-Up

In Video Part I the coaches will be introduced. You and your team will see firsthand some of the innovation problems faced by these great leaders. The coaches will discuss their significant obstacles and setbacks. The coaches will then provide inspirational stories about how they achieved success.

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Lecture 4

Workbook Part I

Participant's Guidebook and Exercises part I

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Lecture 5 (11:20)

Part II - Steps to Innovation

In Video Part II, the coaches will share their secrets for executing the process of innovation. The coaches will describe various circumstances in which innovation was necessary to success, as well as how each innovated strategically and tactically to create winning situations.

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Lecture 6

Workbook Part II

Participant's Guidebook and Exercises part II

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Lecture 7 (10:29)

Part III - Risk and Reward

All of us are continually and necessarily undertaking significant risks. How do world-class coaching greats manage the profound risks and challenges they encounter every day?

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Lecture 8

Workbook Part III

Participant's Guidebook and Exercises part III

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Lecture 9 (07:14)

Part IV - Adaptation and Flexibility

The business arena is dynamic and constantly evolving; times change, competitors catch up, the preferences of clients transform continually, and industry trends can completely alter your sector landscape. The ability to adapt and the capacity for flexibility are vital in such a complex environment.

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Lecture 10

Workbook Part IV

Participant's Guidebook and Exercises part IV

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Lecture 11 (05:24)

Part V - The Goal of Innovation

You are innovating to win. You need to focus your efforts on a target. What is the right target? Who is your competition? What are the factors for ultimate success?

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Lecture 12

Workbook Part V

Participant's Guidebook and Exercises part V

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MIKE DITKA is one of two men ever to win Super Bowls as player,
assistant coach and head coach. A fierce competitor, TV sports
commentator and businessman, “Iron Mike” demands total commitment
from himself, from those around him, and now from you and your team.

As head coach of the 2010 Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints,
SEAN PAYTON knows how to face up to great adversity and great
challenges — and win. Coach Payton not only lead his team to success,
but also restored hope and glory to huricane ravaged New Orleans.

Legendary Florida State football coach BOBBY BOWDEN has lead
his teams to championship victories over seven different decades.
The man knows how to motivate players, teams and you. As a faithbased
inspirational speaker, Coach Bowden has addressed hundreds
of thousands of people seeking an even higher greatness for over 57

Additional Notes

During this program you will explore:
Innovation in adaptation when plans change or fail to unfold as planned.
Leveraging the expertise or criticism of your peers, managers, and industry authorities to build on your own strengths and mitigate weaknesses.
Utilizing your teammates, hard work, and strategic processes to decide when at risk - small or large - could lead to a big win.
Identifying and analyzing challenges in your industry and exploring the use of innovation to conquer these challenges.


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