About Us

What is schooX

In 5 Words

An Academy for Self-Learners!

In 25 Words

An Academy where self-learners can earn badges and certificates online and build a strong portfolio of qualifications and experts teach online and monetize their knowledge.

In 125 Words

schooX is an Academy for self-learners which aims to revolutionize and democratize education. Self-learners can attend online courses from a wide range of course and knowledge providers, create personalized curriculums on any subject and build a strong portfolio of qualifications and skills which they can promote and use it even to find a job. Experts, Training Companies and Educational Institutions like Colleges and Universities can create incredibly easy online courses on schooX and teach online. If they want to monetize they just have to set a price, use integrated tools to promote their courses and track their conversions and their financials. Furthermore, they can even create their own public or private academy within schooX and build their own community. This is how learning should be.

Why schooX

Education is important and we all need it to find a good job, make money and finally improve our life. But getting a good education becomes more and more difficult and expensive. And it's also so time consuming. The worst thing is that at the end of the day even with a degree often without the knowledge necessary for our career. A very important revolution is taken place in education because of the Internet that is changing the way people get educated. People can combine the best courses from world experts, training companies and educational institutions and get their education fast and cheap. At schooX we are at the front of this revolution.

Our Mission

To help people learn, empower their qualifications and improve their lives in the most possible pleasant way.