Learn online and certify your knowledge

schooX is the best place to learn online and build a strong portfolio of qualifications.

  • 1 Find and attend courses schooX hosts a very large number of online courses on almost any subject.
    1. Choose a subject or type a tag to find relevant courses.
    2. Choose the courses you like most and enroll.
    3. Learn at your own pace and use the discussion boards to collaborate and share your knowledge.
  • 2 Create your own curriculum Want to go deeper into a subject?
    1. Choose the courses which suit your needs from the best instructors.
    2. Create your own curriculum with drag and drop.
    3. Track your progress on your personalized curriculum.
  • 3 Organize your learning library Remember the cool videos, presentations, and documents that impacted your thinking? House them all in one place for easy reference. Keep your stuff private or share with friends.
    1. Drag and drop our cool bookmarking tool to your browser.
    2. Found an interesting video on youtube or TED? Click on Add to Schoox and save this video to your library.
    3. Want to share it with your friends or your study group? Just click on the content's share link. Sharing was never easier.
  • 4 Build your ePortfolio Whatever you accomplish on schooX will be part of your ePortfolio.
    1. Complete courses and earn online certificates of attendance.
    2. Earn credits and badges based on your accomplishments.
    3. Ask for recommendations from your teachers and mentors.
    4. Use your ePortfolio to promote your skills and apply for a job.