Teach online and earn extra cash

schooX gives you the ability to create your own course in seconds, promote it and make money!

  • 1 Give basic info about your course
    1. Give title, description
    2. Choose subject and license
    3. If you want to charge just set a price
    4. Choose the template you like most
    5. Keep it private and invite-only or make it public
  • 2 Add lectures
    1. Upload any type of file (PPTs, PDFs, DOCs and Videos) or embed content from the web.
    2. You can also drag and drop content from your schooX library.
    3. Add supplemental material to any lecture.
    4. Find an interesting video or presentation on the web? Use schooX's bookmarking tool to add this resource directly into the course.
  • 3 Schedule Virtual Classrooms You can even host a virtual classroom for free on schooX.
    1. Choose time and date for your virtual classroom and invite people to join.
    2. Start your live class and have a video conference with your students.
    3. Share a presentation or even your desktop and use chat rooms for private discussions.
  • 4 Add exams Adding exams to your courses is super easy
    1. Set the rules for your exam, like time limit, questions order, permission to retake etc.
    2. Add any kind of question like True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers, Matching and Fill in Blanks.
    3. Create pools of questions to reuse them on several exams.
  • 5 Promote and make money Creating your course is not enough. Want to make money? Use our integrated marketing tools to promote your course and drive traffic.
    1. Invite friends you have on schooX or people you know to enroll.
    2. Share it on social media sites like facebook, google, twitter or linkedin.
    3. Create and send individual or group coupons.
    4. Send promotional emails. No worry, we generate those emails for you. You just send them!