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Lefteris Ntouanoglou

Mr. Innovation is the key

I love learning new things of any subject, exchanging knowledge and experience with friends and teaching stuff I know well. Schoox reflects actually what I am and what I like doing. That's why I inspired it. That's why I love it. I hope you will enjoy iT!

Brandon Hudgeons

Mr. If you're not falling down, you're not skiing fast enough

Lifelong learning is no longer an option. Our ability to face modern challenges and opportunities is directly proportional to our ability to make learning effective and fun. It is a blast to be right in the middle of the transformation of learning. As Del says: Upgrade your grey matter, 'cause one day it may matter.

Costas Vasiliou

Mr. Do or Do Not, there is no try

Visions exist because there is a vital need in people for them to exist in order to accomplish great things. In Schoox we have a bold vision and this is to reinvent training and life-long learning. Nothing less!

Vasilis Lolos

Mr. Everything must be perfect

Before cofounding Schoox with the rest of the team, I was the first to develop experimentally an early edition of what Schoox is today. It's great to see what we finally created!

Ray Brons

Mr. Selling starts the first time someone say "no"

"There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living" - Nelson Mandela. Our goal at Schoox: to help all learners fulfill their passion through education

Michalis Tzikas

Mr. The user experience must be great

Who could imagine when I first joined the team that I will have to implement the user interface again and again and ... again! But, it's awesome to combine Technology and Style.

Chris Schorr

Mr. Little Engine That Could

Learning is a life long experience for all from birth. Schoox has changed the conventional landscape of learning...producing something new and more efficient...disruptive learning! You will never be like the 'Little Engine That Could' if you sit around on your caboose.

Chris Kotzamanidis

Mr. User Interface must be amazing

Making users fall in love with your product is a challenge and the most important part of a software in order to capture the user's attention is its user interface. It must be beautiful, magical and convey a strong message.

Jin Kim

Mr. Key to sales is to listen to your clients.

"You can do anything if you have enthusiasm." Henry Ford. Our goal is to share our enthusiasm for innovation and learning and meet the needs of our clients.

Jamie Johnson

Mrs. How Can I help?

Information is everywhere. Yet, if not properly organized, built for engagement, and readily available to the appropriate people, this information quickly turns into a burden. Here at Schoox, our continued evolution is driven by partnering with our clients in creating learning pathways that eliminate the "burden".

Rebecca Claggett

Mrs. Help me help you!

Today's future leaders are growing up on tablets and mobile devices. Our goal at Schoox is to prepare organizations for that next generation of learners. Companies today can't have Baby Boomer technology for Generation Z employees.

George Pilikidis

Mr. Schoox in your pocket

Smartphones are your second right hand. A good mobile application can free up your daily activities. So this what I'm doing for Schoox... and I'm excited about it.

Vaggelis Kotrotsios

Mr. test it before you use it

It's fascinating to make sure that everything in Schoox works out fine. Our pleasure is to give every user a perfect Schooxperience! So, what's better than being a member of this team?

Konstantinos Demiris

Mr "If it's not a feature , it's a bug!"

With an eye for detail and a desire to play with the limits of anything , everything is thoroughly tested before reaching the outside world . It is a hard job to find bugs at Schoox but I enjoy every moment .

Konstantinos Koliopoulos

Mr. Controlling complexity via programming.

Schoox is unique in many ways. I'm happy to be part of a dedicated team, to contribute in researching, developing and programming elegant solutions to complex problems. It's an exciting challenge and a fulfilling experience!

Tasos Papadopoulos

Mr. I code therefore I am

Working at Schoox and having the opportunity to change the way people are learning online is awesome. The top priority is to provide a smooth experience to Schoox users.

Konstantinos Tobakidis

Mr. Balance is the way

I like to get everything First Time Right. But, there's a thin line between analysis and paralysis, the line of creation. Schoox is moving fast and we, as a team, are invited to balance on that line,to walk on that line, to live that line, to make the most out of that line. I'm loving It. It's changing me. It's evolving me. In one word, Schoox is... Refreshing!

Nikolaos Grigoriadis

Mr. Quality of code

Designing and implementing software is a very delicate procedure. Ensuring the best quality of code possible is very crucial for developing good software. I am glad that I have been given the opportunity to work with a team that aims towards the same target, a product that every customer deserves.

Nikos Bitsakidis

Mr. Aiming at creating the Chateau Margaux of online education

Producing an exceptional wine requires the right choice of terroir, supplying of appropriate vines, investment on equipment, respect for tradition but constant pursuit of improving, art and above all love for the subject. Creating an elegant, sensible online learning management system requires the same devotion and attention to detail. This is our wine, feel free to taste it.

Ilias Moustakas

Mr. Progress must be constantly made

Life-long education is a subject that should not be taken lightly. It is what has made us what we are today, the progress we have made and things we have achieved as a whole. Having the opportunity to work at Schoox not only helps me become better every day, but gives me the chance to help others become better as well, via our platform.

Cory Strawbridge

Mr. Yep

Learning is a journey that starts when we are born. We all have triumphs and failures along the way, but with each step, we improve who we are. Through the struggles and challenges we face while learning, we find out what makes it so rewarding. You don't always take the journey to get to the end, sometimes you take the journey for the journey itself

Greg Kroes

Mr. Helping everyone out

Some dreams are difficult to fulfill, but working and being a member of the Schoox team is something more than a dream for me. I will give it my best shot to contribute to the evolution of Schoox because online learning changes the perception of how people see education!

Lina Makaka

Mrs. I take care of everything

Knowledge is nowadays greatest asset, the key to success and a better life. All people around the world should have equal success to knowledge and education. At Schoox we want to democratize education and shape a new landscape by revolutionizing higher education and life-long learning.

Georgia Tsiamanta

My goal is to provide our customers the best eLearning experience ever, so that they can focus on succeeding with their own customers. As a mathematician and computer engineer I come into Customer Success with a brand new perspective and that's really fun!

Ilias Siopis

Mr. Sky is the limit

There are two options for anyone to be happy. Be satisfied with what you already have, or always look for something new to see, feel, try, learn and achieve. Sky is the limit, and Schoox's limit is only the sky. That's why it feels great being a member of Schoox.

Kelly Malkotsi

Mrs. Team work

"Team work makes Dream work" reflects my beliefs, and Schoox totally endorses it. Going into details and testing over and over again new features is more than interesting. Everything must be flawless and that's what I'm here for!

George Markou

Mr Don't find fault. Find a remedy.

You don't earn loyalty in just a day, you earn it day-by-day. And the most powerful way to do so is actually very simple: Make your customers happy. The way you think about them influences how you interact with them. And at Schoox, there is only one boss; the customer. Because a satisfied customer is the best business strategy after all.

Manos Mastorakis

Mr In this journey we will be together

The journey starts from the first click on the Schoox webpage. Like the mythical hero Odysseus you want to meet Penelope who in Schoox is now represented by the power of knowledge. The only difference is that now there are no Lotus-Eaters and Cyclops blocking your way. Our team will help you overcome every obstacle. In this journey we will be together.

Zoey Homayun

Mrs. Do more, be more

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows' -Sydney J. Harris. The world is ever-changing and fluid and we must continue to learn. I love to help people realize the incredible opportunities that Schoox provides

Could be You

Mr./Mrs. Incredible

We are constantly looking for amazing and incredible people helping us achieve our bold vision of reinventing training and life-long learning. Send us your resume with a couple of lines why you think you could be a great fit for Schoox at support.team@Schoox.com