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  • The perfect LMS for the Restaurant Industry

    In high turnover industries you MUST deliver learning fast for fast ROI.

    No other LMS can address your needs for reporting, user management and flexible user rights for creating and assigning courses across your stores.

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  • The most elegant LMS for the Retail Industry

    You have to do more with less. And measure it. And maintain your culture,brand consistency and lead a workplace people love.

    Your managers and training managers want a life. So do you.

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Amazing User Experience

Schoox offers a highly intuitive, social, mobile interface designed especially for a Gen Y workforce, and is the most modern learning and knowledge management system available today. Already, it is disrupting the status quo of LMS’s.

Learning Management

Learning Management

With Schoox, you can create courses quickly and easily to train your staff members, partners or even customers online. And no matter how your organization is structured, you can set up custom-tailored access and assignment rules based on whatever criteria you choose.

Badges and Gamification

Badges and Gamification

Millennials don’t want to sit in front of a monitor and read manuals. They want to be engaged, interact with others, and have fun. On Schoox, they can earn credits, unlock badges, and be awarded corporate certificates.

Content Management

Content Management

You can upload any type of file, or use Schoox’s sophisticated bookmarking tool to add a web resource to your library and share it with others. It's incredibly easy!

Powerful Reporting

Powerful Reporting

You can track your members’ training performance like never before through Schoox’s incredibly powerful and dynamic Training Dashboard.

Open Community

Open Community

Schoox is unique in that when users join a corporate Academy, they may also become members of our amazing open learning community. There, they can take advantage of a wide variety of Schoox courses that have been made publicly available – helping them build a life-long ePortfolio of qualifications and skills.

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