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Workspaces: A Better Way to Navigate Through Schoox

15 May 2024

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workspaces in schoox

Workspaces are a better way for learners, managers, and L&D professionals to navigate through and engage with their journeys through Schoox. They organize key tools and features into logical groups that are easily accessible and personalized to different types of users. 

Workspaces improve productivity, simplify the user experience so the platform feels more intuitive, and encourage greater employee engagement through more immersive, interactive learning experiences. 

Our approach goes beyond mere aesthetic appeal—it’s a data-driven methodology that advocates for each end-user. We took years of customer feedback, user research, and carefully collected data to revamp our legacy platform in meaningful ways that resolve real business challenges. For us, it all starts with great design, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce workspaces in Schoox. 

A Better Way to Navigate

At the heart of this transformation is a reimagined navigation system inspired by the intuitive design of popular consumer and business applications. 

  • A new nine-grid top navigation provides a launchpad for quickly switching between different personalized workspaces tailored to users’ roles and permissions.
  • A left-side vertical navigation menu streamlines how users move between activities and find information, reducing friction and maximizing page efficiency.

Modeled after app launchers from industry leaders like Google and Microsoft, the 9-grid navigation is a familiar element that ensures comfort and ease of use. The complementary left-side vertical navigation further simplifies access to activities and information within each workspace, leveraging a ubiquitous vertical menu approach found across many websites and mobile apps. 

Optimizing navigation for consistency across devices makes for a seamless experience whether users are on desktop or mobile. Placing the most pivotal actions at the top of this menu keeps critical tasks top-of-mind for learners and helps each user maximize productivity. 

The Value of Workspaces

One of the core principles driving the design of personalized workspaces is a relentless focus on the user experience. Workspaces embody this user-centric philosophy by providing a more intuitive experience through the platform that’s fun and mimics a journey through mainstream apps. 

Workspaces go beyond navigation to organize Schoox into logical groups of features and tools relevant to the tasks users must accomplish in various roles. Whether you’re entering Schoox as a learner seeking courses and development opportunities, or working as a manager monitoring training activity and reports, or playing the role of content creator to craft engaging learning experiences, workspaces provide a focused and meaningful experience tailored to what you need to accomplish in that moment.

This role-based approach lets users quickly engage in the most relevant activities, with essential features and information readily available within just a few clicks. By eliminating page clutter and distractions, workspaces help users stay focused, ultimately driving greater engagement and productivity on the job. 

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