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Personalized learning, powered by AI

Automate skill-to-job and skill-to-content connections to elevate personalized learning and career development recommendations.


Schoox & Visier: Advancing learning through AI

Schoox is at the forefront of learning platforms, leveraging Visier's Skills Intelligence to optimize learning and development with AI-powered skills data.


AI-driven skills mapping

Transform skills mapping from a time-consuming task to a strategic tool that empowers your organization to thrive, stay agile, and be competitive through personalized learning.

  • Access 15 million unique job titles, 3,300 standardized occupations, and 14,000+ standardized skills from Visier.
  • Leverage Schoox inputs like job titles, job descriptions, and course descriptions to identify and standardize skills.
  • Use AI to automatically connect skills with the jobs that require them and the courses that can teach them.

Content recommendations

Equip your workforce with the right skills to thrive in a dynamic work environment. Leverage AI to curate personalized learning paths tailored to each employee's job, skills, and development goals.

  • Identify skill gaps and curate a selection of content aligned with both business needs and individual strengths.
  • Leverage learner analytics to recommend impactful content, prioritizing upskilling and reskilling efforts.
  • Help employees visualize achievable career paths and provide actionable learning paths for advancement.

Career pathing

Unlock your workforce's career potential with AI-powered learning paths. These paths place employees in control of their development, cultivating a culture of continuous growth.

  • Enable informed career planning by revealing potential next roles and individual skill rankings for each employee.
  • Guide employees in targeting skill gaps for desired roles by comparing their relative strengths to role requirements.
  • Motivate employees to take charge of their careers with personalized learning paths to develop needed skills.

“The extensive training and learning capabilities in Schoox have enabled us to design training for our team and advisors that is fast and easy to digest in a user-friendly way.”


Maggie Rodriguez

Trainer, Celebrity Cruises

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