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14 January 2019

New Feature (Will be released on January 21st)

  • e-SignaturesThe new feature (needs activation*) allows users to fill out and sign documents or request signatures from other employees. Admins can create and manage their own templates, sign them or request legally binding signatures from different employees. e-Signatures module offers the following:
    • Team Management Tool: Admins can view all team documents.
    • Document Templates: Set up commonly used documents. Admins can use Pdfs, Word and Images.
    • Branding: Set up your Company's Logo and Name.
    • Flexible Workflows: Employees can sign simultaneously or in a specific order.
    • In-Person SigningAll employees can sign and download the signed documents any time they want from their profile.
    • Status Notifications: Receive alerts when a document is signed.

*The e-Signatures feature comes with an add-on subscription and additional cost based on client's needs.


  • Report Builder has a new field available named "Course Status". The associated column shows if the course in question is active or archived.
  • New filter in the Employees Dashboard (Employee Tab): In the Employee Tab there is a new filter where stats can be presented for the populated list of employees based on the following options:
    • All Courses & Events
    • Active Courses
    • Archived Courses
    • Compliance Courses
  • When a new lecture is being added to a course, it is now set by default as "private".