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AI Demo Day

Join Schoox on Monday, July 22 at 11:00 am ET for Training Industry’s Learning Tech Showcase to explore the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on corporate training.

Check out the session below and click the registration link to secure a seat.

Transform personalized learning and skills development with Schoox AI

Schoox’s LMS leverages AI to connect skills with relevant job roles and learning content, enabling efficient skills mapping and powerful content recommendations for your entire organization. Employees are empowered to bridge skill gaps and advance their careers through tailored learning paths. With Schoox, you can achieve this and more, addressing the challenges of skills development and retention in a dynamic work environment.

David Wentworth, VP, Learning & Talent Development Platform Evangelist, will set the stage, followed by a live demo by Tim Welsh, Senior Solution Consultant, who will showcase the latest AI-driven features. See firsthand how AI can address skill gaps and impact career development in new ways at your organization.

Join this solution demo to:

  • Understand how AI-driven skills mapping can streamline skills administration and set the foundation for employee development.
  • See how Schoox creates personalized learning paths that align with employee skill gaps and career goals.
  • Discover how Schoox’s Skill Strength score helps team managers evaluate performance and recommend the next steps toward growth. 
Jul 22, 2024
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