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AI and the LMS: What’s Real, What’s Not and What’s to Come

AI has been called the next forgettable tech fad, or a miracle cure for every business problem. It can be difficult to discern the reality of what is happening amid the noise. Most organizations are still wrapping their heads around standard machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) while the technology continues to rapidly evolve and change.

During this session, David Wentworth, talent platform evangelist for Schoox, digs into where the industry really is in terms of leveraging AI. Underneath the flash, AI can be used to do very interesting, very real work. Learning and development professionals need to know what to look for and what to ask.

During this webinar, Dave discussed how:

  • A better understanding of AI in a learning management system context.
  • Questions to ask potential vendors.
  • Ideas around where AI can help with learning.

Meet the Speaker

David Wentworth, Schoox

David is the VP, Learning & Talent Development Platform Evangelist at Schoox. He brings more than a decade of knowledge to the company, including a deep understanding of the workplace technology industry, with an emphasis on learning and development.