Our creative team will work with you to develop the “voice” of your content. Our team works with our clients to generate concepts that reflect each company’s style, target audience, and distribution objectives.

Services include:

Curriculum Development

We make sure that our curriculums are more than lists of dos and don’ts. Our clearly defined exit outcomes guide our entire course structure, keep lessons on target for viewer retention, and will help ensure fewer employee mistakes.

Professional Script Writing

We take the time to develop scripts that are conversational, logical, and entertaining to the end viewer. Our writers work collaboratively with our creative team to generate lessons go beyond simply teaching or informing, and seek to engage the attention of today’s busy learners.


We draw from our database of professionally trained actors and talent, and in collaboration with professional talent agencies in order to cast the best suited talent for each production. We strive to create casts which are diverse, engaging to watch, and are relatable and believable from the perspective of the viewer.

Production Quality and Script Supervision

On set, our team carefully monitors all aspects of production to make sure that your final piece is not only educational, but high quality. With education being top priority, we ensure that all elements will come together to enhance teach points and promote content retention.

Full-Service Editing

We perform all aspects of postproduction in-house to ensure quality control. The final aspects of postproduction are carefully monitored, just like the rest of our process. As always, will draw from our own experience as well as your preferences and branding to guide us when developing your unique learning series. Editing services include:

  • Professional Voice Over: Voice over reinforces instruction delivered by the actors, and helps support overall learning.
  • Graphic Animations and Kinetic Typography: All graphic content designed in-house is developed to reinforce and support teach points while keeping the viewer engaged and learning.
Quiz and Exam Development

In order to best measure employee retention, our education team carefully crafts quizzes and exams to ensure that teach points have been retained. Final exams will be crafted to issue “Certifications” in specific training areas, and serve as tangible evidence of employee training initiatives.

Quick Turn-Around

Times: Our access to local resources including nearby universities, actors, theatres, and in-house studio filming can assist in faster project delivery for priority projects.