In order to use the Site and the Service for the purpose of offering User Content for a fee as a Professional Instructor, you need to agree to be bound by, in addition to our general terms and conditions that apply to all of the Site’s Users and that you may find here, the following additional terms of use by Professional Instructors, which terms we may modify from time to time in our sole discretion. Accordingly, as a Professional Instructor, you agree to be bound by the following additional terms and conditions:

(a) you agree that we will deduct from any monies due to you a 30% transaction fee for any User Content that you may sell through the Service or the Site;

(b) you accept and agree that we may, at our discretion, refund the fees paid by a User for any User Content;

(c) you accept and agree that any monies due to you from sales of your Use Content shall be paid to you, after deducting our transaction fees and any other deductible amounts (e.g., refunds to purchasers, withholding taxes if applicable, etc.) on the last day of the month following the month during which the relevant sales and purchasers’ payment took place; provided such payment has been timely credited into Schoox Inc.’s account;

(d) you accept and agree that, for the purpose of promoting the sales of your User Content, we may offer parts of your User Content for free (e.g., as previews of your courses) to any or all users of the Site; and

(e) payments will be made via a payment industry provider designated by Schoox; Users must register with such provider in order to receive payments owing to such User in relation to User’s participation in the Service.