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Schoox is not just an LMS. It's a comprehensive social learning, knowledge sharing and collaboration platform. With schoox you don't need to use and integrate endless of applications!

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Over 300 LMS are out there. See why we are different from the rest of the pack and why Schoox is the most powerful solution for your critical training needs.

Features Us Them Comments
A. Learning Management Features
Courses, Curricula and Exams
Content that can be used as lessons:      
SCORM check check
DOC, PDF, PPT check   Schoox supports full progress tracking for any type of file
Videos (any format) check check Very few LMS support and convert all types of video files and stream videos through a CDN while also keeping full tracking on progress.
Web (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, TED, Slideshare, etc) check Schoox supports full progress tracking
Any type of content as supplemental material check check
Easy course creation:      
Use any file with drag & drop from the content library check
Upload files from any source (PC, dropbox, google drive, box.net, etc check
Send a file as a lecture to many courses at the same time check
Update a lecture in many courses at once check
Send web content (e.g. YouTube videos) to courses as lectures without being on Schoox check
Built-in exam creation tool:      
Supports all types of questions check check
Flexible exam settings check check Very few LMS support this wide range of exam settings (20+) to control various types of exams and user experiences
Exams can be separate steps within a course check check Most LMS support exams as part of a SCORM flash based file
Course Settings:      
Image, description, tags, level check check
Language check check
Prevent fast forward of video lectures check
Expiration period for users to retake course check check Very few LMS give you the option to set an expiration period after which a user has to retake the course
Flexible course publishing rules (private and invite-only, to employees, to customers, public) check check On Schoox courses can be published to various groups of users including even external members like customers, partners or even to Schoox's Marketplace.
Monetize courses on Schoox’s Marketplace check check Very few LMS have a public marketplace that allows you to monetize your courses. Schoox offers on top also a comprehensive financial dashboard, coupons, discounts, and an integrated online payment mechanism
Purchase courses from Schoox’s Marketplace check check
Comprehensive training programs check check
Easy creation with drag & drop of courses check
Multi-language curricula check Feature that allows users to be automatically be assigned a course in their preferred language.
On the job training:      
On the job training at the store level check check
On the job training can be part of the course steps check check
Assessment and signature from trainer check
Signature from trainee check
Mobile access to the on the job training check
Search Engine:      
Google style search engine for courses and curricula check
Course catalogues / categories check check
Different sorting criteria check
Instructor Led Training:      
In-Class Training Events Management check check  
Virtual Classroom Sessions (Integration with Citrix GoTo Training) check check  
Editing Courses and Exams:      
Lectures can be updated without locking the course check Lecture updates (e.g. uploading new version of a video) can be done real-time while users are taking the course.
Exams can be updated without locking the exam check Exams can be edited while users are taking the exam.
Assign Training:    
Assign courses and curricula based on jobs check check
Assign courses based on locations check check
Assign courses based on franchise agreements check (e.g. assign a course to all stores of a certain franchise agreement)
Assign courses based on language check Assign a multi-language course to users automatically based on preferred language
Automated assignment rules based on hierarchy check
Powerful and easy to use Reporting Dashboard check check Incredibly easy access to reporting data based on different criteria without the need to create reports
Access to reporting data based on any hierarchy no matter how complex it is like check check
Franchisees check Access to reporting data of all stores that are owned by a franchisee
District / Region / Country Managers check Access to reporting data of all stores that are under the authorization of a district manager
Store Managers check
Comparison data between group of stores check Comparing all stores against each other of a certain franchisee
Export reporting data to excel check check
Access to reporting data from the API check check
Academy’s Infographics check Snapshot of most important info of the entire Academy
Social and Communication Features:
Discussion Boards check check
Course ratings and reviews check check
Course announcements check check Schoox offers facebook style real time notifications and email notifications
Mobile compatibility:
Native iOS app for taking courses and exams with on the job training tasks, wall activities and social logins check
Native Android app for taking courses and exams with on the job training tasks, wall activities and social logins check
B. Talent Management
Skills and performance management check check
Manageres can assess employees check check
Automated assessment based on online performance check check
Set weights for automated and manual assessment check check
Rank employees for any skill and job check check
Extract employees’ best skills check check
C. Content Management No LMS includes a full comprehensive Content / File Management System
Corporate Content Library for sharing files and web resources check
Powerful bookmarklet to add and share content while browsing the web: check
Adding content into the personal library, into a course as a lecture or supplemental material check
Sharing content with Academy library and group members check
File uploading and conversion for all formats (DOC, PPT, PDF, all Video files) check
Private content sharing check
Organizing content (web and files) with folders and tags. check
Folders with access rules based on jobs check
Commenting and rating of content check
Google-like search engine for content check
Upload files from any source (PC, dropbox, google drive, box.net, etc) check
Mobile access to your content library check
D. User Management & Administration
Powerful Org module to accommodate any hierarchy check Schoox offers a powerful patent pending (USSN 14/340,545) org module that allows you to set up any hierarchy no matter how complex it is
Editing users based on hierarchy check (e.g. franchisees can add, remove and edit users but only for their stores)
Users can be assigned to more than one store/units check
Users can have different jobs in different stores/units check
User can login with email OR username check
Self-service password recovery check check
No need to transfer learning transcript when users change store/unit check check
Adding and editing users through the API check check
Adding users by uploading excel file Very few LMS offer a bulk process to upload users and associate them directly to jobs and org structure
Yammer and Facebook Integration / App check check
SSO and open restful API check check
Restrict access to hourly workers outside of their working environment (e.g. stores) based on IP or address check check Very few LMS offer this feature. Can be applied with very flexible criteria (e.g. for all users from a certain state but only to some courses).
Flexible notification settings for admins and users check check Schoox allows all users to decide which kind of email notifications they want to receive
HTTPS check check
API Access based on hierarchy check
E. Collaboration & Social Network Schoox has a very strong social aspect but which can be activated or deactivated based on your policy
Corporate Groups for Team Collaboration: check check On Schoox groups have their own wall, discussion boards and even content library.
Group Library for files and web resources
Discussion boards check check
Group badges check
Group news feeds / wall check
Toggle Group Privacy check check
Control Group Access and Membership check check
Corporate Badges check check Schoox has social badges (i.e. badges that users can award each other) and system badges (i.e. badges they are awarded when they achieve some accomplishments)
Corporate News Feeds / Wall check check
Provide selective access to external members check check
Employees’ profile to share expertise check
Employees’ portfolio of qualifications check
Network wide announcements check check Email and real-time notifications
Gamification check check Very few LMS have leaderboards and badges. Schoox has a very robust gamification with leaderboards and badges which makes learning more exciting
Leaderboards check check
Corporate badges and certificates check check
F. User Experience
Beautiful and intuitive user interface check
Self-service How-to videos on how to use Schoox check
Walkme integration check Guidance and engagement platform that eliminates user confusion. A complete build-in GPS that shows you instantly how to do almost anything on Schoox.
Native Mobile Apps check