Why choose us

We know there are more than 500 competitors out there. There are many reasons why we are different from the rest of the pack. But this is what we consider the most important one:

They, designed and built applications to manage the process of learning and HR administration.
We, designed and built Schoox to help employees learn and organizations develop their talent to drive business growth.

Built for hard-to-engage workers of any age

We built Schoox for the employee, the manager, the executive, the instructor and the admin. We built it with respect to all generations. Baby Boomers get it instantly, Generation X adopts it with passion and the Millenials just love it. Schoox secures a high adoption rate helping you get the most out of your training. We built Schoox for You.

The most complete learning suite within one single application

Almost hard to believe but with Schoox you don’t need to integrate endless applications. Schoox combines Training, Social Collaboration, Content Management, Performance & Succession, Career Development and Business Performance all in one single application.We didn’t unify different apps … we united them.

Impressively Intuitive to Use

We are proud to have rolled out Schoox to organizations with over 500K employees without a single hour of training. Some say the more functionality you add the more complex a software becomes. You will be impressed how easy you can find your way in Schoox as an employee, a manager or an admin even though it is packed with endless features.We keep it simple and intuitive so users can begin engaging immediately without any formal training.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime on Any Device

Todays employees live on their mobile devices. They don’t want to sit in front of a desktop and go through their training by clicking on the next button. They want to be able to take their training in small snippets, at any time, at any place and on any device. Burst learning as it is called. And we made it possible. The first learning platform with native apps for iOS and Android devices where users can complete their training, access and share content, communicate with their peers and get push notifications about course assignments and more. We made mobile training possible.

Evolving at Light Speed

Our customers talk and we listen. Our users are amazed with the speed we launch new features and how we incorporate their feedback to improve Schoox. We use the collective wisdom of our customers to evolve Schoox into an amazing platform. But we know that time is of essence and your business cannot wait. We move fast to help you move faster.

We are Innovators at Heart

We see solutions where others see problems and limitations. When we built Schoox we didn’t want to launch another LMS that was slightly better than others. We wanted to transform the industry. We ignored what was out there. We started with a clean sheet of paper. We designed what others thought was impossible. From our powerful patent pending organizational module to how you can create courses with drag and drop; from our cool course assignment tool to how you can measure the impact of training in your business -Schoox is full of amazing and endless innovations. We love exceeding your expectations and industry limits.

Easy Integration with Existing Systems

Having to integrate endless apps and building a single point of user management is a challenge. We know that. We have Single Sign On implementations for OAuth, SAML, Active Directory and Azure. We can easily integrate with your HRIS and make sure that Schoox is up to date on users, jobs and organization structure and your HRIS training results and assessments. We make your life easier.

Time Record-Breaking Implementations

Success is measured in many ways and one of them is time. We all can get to the same result if we are given endless time. The difference between good and excellent lies often in the speed with which we accomplish things. We have broken many implementation record speeds at Schoox. Rolling out Schoox to a global organization with 540,000 users in 44,000 locations and 110 countries in less than 30 days was one of them. We deliver for you in record speed.

Our passion for happy customers

We are an extremely customer centric company. Our product is awesome but wait until you meet our people who are even more awesome. Happy customers are a measurement of our success. From a small agency, mid-size manufacturing company and the largest global franchise company in the world, they all use Schoox as their training platform. With millions of users users in 120 countries and 5 million video lessons delivered, serving our customers is what it is all about.We make sure that you get the dedication and the support you need to get the greatest ROI from Schoox. We make sure you are happy.

Scalable Cloud-based Platform

Schoox is a full cloud-based solution hosted on the worlds most trusted cloud. A scalable solution that can be used by organizations of all sizes. Modern video transcoding and delivery techniques, state-of-the-art document conversion algorithms and the most powerful CDN used are just a few technology components that secure scalability and fast response times. We can scale so that you can grow.

Transform Learning into Business Growth

It’s hard to spend so much time, money and effort to train your people and not being able to measure the impact that training has on your business. How do you know if your training is working? How do you know what changes you need to make in your training curriculum and how those will impact your employees’ business performance? With Schoox you can explore any dependence between training and business performance. Just another breakthrough innovation that delivers what you need to measure. We help you transform learning into business growth.