Why choose us

We are in a competitive market, but there are many reasons why we are different from the rest of the pack.

Traditional “one size fits all” learning systems are built to manage the process of learning, and disregard a more comprehensive approach to developing talent. They are too rigid to quickly adapt to the needs of the modern workforce.
We designed and built Schoox so that you can learn more, connect deeper, adapt faster, and perform better. We help you unlock your employees’ potential with learning so you can drive performance and accelerate business results—no matter how complex your company structure may be.

Built to engage all types of workers and industries

We built Schoox for the employee, the manager, the executive, the instructor and the administrator. We built it with respect to all generations, job types, and corporate industries. From a small agency or mid-size manufacturing company, to one of the largest global franchise companies in the world, Schoox serves all kinds of organizations.

A complete learning suite built on a single application

With Schoox, all the learning and talent development functionality you need is in one place. Schoox combines training, social collaboration, content management, performance and skills management, career development, and business impact measurement in just one application.

Impressively intuitive to use

We are proud to have rolled out Schoox to organizations that have over 500K employees with complex company structures, and not a single hour of formal training was needed for their managers and employees. They were impressed, and you will be, too, by how easy it is to find your way around a platform packed with so many features and customization settings.

Flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime, on any device

Today’s workforce needs convenient, accessible training that they can complete in small snippets at a time and place that works for them and on a device of their choosing. Our native apps for iOS and Android devices give them that ability and much more, including but not limited to accessing and sharing content, communicating with their peers, and getting push notifications about course assignments.

Lightning-fast product improvements

When our customers talk, we listen. Our users are amazed by the speed at which we launch new features and incorporate their feedback to improve Schoox. We realize your time is valuable, so we move fast to help you move faster.

We are innovators at heart

We find solutions where others see problems and limitations. When we set out to build Schoox we didn’t want to launch another LMS that was slightly better than others. We wanted to disrupt and transform the industry by exceeding your expectations and the perception of what is possible for your organization’s continued success.

Easy integration with existing systems

We know that building a single point of user management is a challenge. We have flexible integration options including single sign-on (SSO) implementations for OAuth, SAML, Active Directory, and Azure. We can easily integrate with your HRIS to ensure that Schoox is automatically up to date on users, jobs, and organizational structures.

Faster and smoother implementations

Getting your learning and talent management initiatives up and running quickly and successfully is our biggest priority. Our implementations are measured in weeks and months rather than years. We are even known for rolling out Schoox to a global organization with 540,000 users in 44,000 locations and 110 countries in less than 30 days. We can deliver for you at record speed.

We are passionate about happy customers

We are an extremely customer-centric company. Our product is awesome but mostly we are proud of the people who work at the organizations we support. With millions of users across 120 countries, serving our customers is our passion. Therefore, we make sure that our customers get the dedication and the support they need so they can enjoy the maximum ROI from Schoox.

Scalable, cloud-based platform

Schoox is a full cloud-based solution hosted on the world’s most trusted cloud infrastructure. Modern video transcoding and delivery techniques, state-of-the-art document conversion algorithms, and the most powerful content delivery system (CDN) are just a few of our technology components that secure scalability and fast response times. In other words, we scale so that you can grow.

See how we can help engage and develop your workforce for business growth and transformation