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In 2012, our founders experienced firsthand how difficult it was to implement, administer, and drive adoption of an outdated learning and talent management system. With ongoing shifts in organizational structure and business objectives that were in constant flux, they needed a solution to better serve both administrator and learner needs. So, they set out to design Schoox with all of the components of traditional HR and learning technology systems, but through a distinctively different lens.

Today, Schoox is a uniquely agile learning and talent development platform. We help businesses of all sizes shift from traditional, compliance-based training to an approach that unlocks and accelerates employee potential as well as business growth.

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Schoox Employees

Our Mission

At Schoox, we believe that learning is deeply human and that knowledge can change the world. Our mission is to help companies and their employees learn more, connect deeper, adapt faster, and perform better by combining six powerful modules into one unified, cloud-based, and mobile-optimized platform experience.

Our Values


Our customers have high standards and so do we. Excellence is woven through the fabric of our people, our product, and most importantly, our passion for our customers and this industry.


We believe strong partnerships are built on honesty, accountability, and communication — even when it may be difficult. We follow through and do everything we can do to exceed expectations.


Our passion comes through in every single line of code, every support ticket, every interaction. We are life long learners and achievers and we genuinely love our jobs, our teammates and our customers.


Innovation is collaboration. We listen to our customers, monitor industry trends, and trust our own bench of thought leaders. The result? An agile approach to innovation and development that keeps our product evolving and our customers one step ahead.


We recognize the power of teamwork and invite all perspectives to be represented in our daily interactions. Whether it be within our organization, or with our customers, we invite collaboration and participation with all.


At Schoox, we’re a family. And we have family, friends, homes and hobbies outside of work. We believe in balancing those and providing a positive and productive environment that allows our teams to work, learn, grow and share from anywhere.

Our Leadership Team


Founder and CEO

Throughout his career, Lefteris has leaned on his passion for learning across the academic and corporate worlds. Schoox is the culmination of these experiences and Lefteris’ drive to disrupt the learning and talent management space by building software with the learner in mind.


Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer

As CCO, Costas leads a team of Customer Success Managers who are responsible for ensuring the success of the customer. With over 18 years of tech experience, Costas has always been motivated by his passion to produce tech that improves society.


Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Bill leads the development and operations of the Schoox platform; he also oversees the engineering teams. Prior to co-founding Schoox, Bill was a web developer and holds a BSC in Software Engineering.


Chief Sales Officer

Scott joined Schoox in 2018. Over his 20-plus year career, he has built a reputation in the talent acquisition and learning space for successfully restructuring organizations to drive top-and-bottom line objectives.


Vice President, Learning & Brand Success

Matthew has 15+ years of experience in IT, HR, L&D, and Talent Management across multiple industries, primarily the hospitality and restaurant industries. He brings a unique blend of technical skills to an innovative approach in the world of HR and training.


Chief Operations Officer / VP Technology

Brandon joined Schoox during the company’s early days and has played a critical role in the development and scaling of the architecture, infrastructure and the platform. Prior to Schoox, Brandon served in product and technology roles at Internal Machine Industries, Inc. and Enspire Learning, Inc.


Vice President, Compliance and Security

With nearly 20 years experience, Marc ensures the company and its customers’ data meets industry security standards and reduces risk by establishing processes and procedures around IT vendor operational risks and controls.

Join the Team

We are constantly looking for talented people to help us achieve our bold vision of reimagining learning and talent development. If you're interested in working with us, please click here.