Up to 25
$149 per month


Up to 50
$249 per month


> 50
$4 per user/month



Up to 25 employees


Up to 50 employees


> 50 employees
Online Courses for Corporate Training
Use Files (e.g. SCORM, documents, videos) and Web Content (e.g. YouTube, slideshare) as lessons
Quizzes/ Exams
Talent Management: Skills and Performance Management
In-Class Training Events Management
Virtual Classroom Sessions (Integration with Citrix GoTo Training)
Corporate News Feeds
Discussion Boards
Internal Messaging
Content and User Search Engine
Set up any Org Structure and Hierarchy
Assign Users to Departments, Business Units, Locations etc.
Employees Profile to Share Expertise and Connect Coworkers
Employees ePortfolio of Qualifications
Bookmarklet to add and share content while browsing the web
Academy’s Infographics
Public Corporate Profile
Mobile App for iOS and Android
Multiple Admins
Training Managers
Hourly Workers
Restrict Access to Training outside of Working Environment
On the Job Training Management
Invite External Members like Customers and Partners
Bulk process for adding Users
Reporting Dashboard with Export Capabilities
Curricula and Learning Paths
Managing re-certification Courses
Assign Courses to Employees based on Jobs and Org Structure
Assign Courses to Employees based on preferred Language
Automated Course Assignments based on Rules
Content Library for Sharing Files and Web Resources 100GB 200GB 5GB
x employees
Private Content Sharing
Content Access based on Roles and Jobs
Corporate Badges and Certifications
Leaderboards for Learners
Groups for Team Collaboration
Group Libraries
Group News Feeds
Network wide Announcements
Login with Username or Email
Open API
Yammer, Facebook and HotSchedules Integration

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