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Given the current macroeconomic context, many L&D organizations will be forced to do more with less. Unfortunately, this coincides with the need to rapidly upgrade technology to ensure the workforce has the skills required for both today and tomorrow. This is no easy task. However, there are techniques and methodologies that can both cut costs and deliver value.

In this webinar with Amanda Nolen and Lori Niles-Hofmann, we shared ways to navigate these tricky times including:

  • A practical tool, based on real transformation projects, to make sure your strategy will translate into impactful action
  • How-to examples of how to get stakeholders on board with tech investments
  • Optimizing your existing ecosystem to free up budget for innovation

About NilesNolen

NilesNolen is a global agency providing bespoke advisory services on EdTech transformations and Skills-Based Organisational development to enterprise leaders around the world.

Meet the Speakers

Lori Niles with NilesNolen

Lori Niles-Hofmann

Lori is a senior learning strategist with 25 years of L&D experience across many industries, including international banking, management consulting, and marketing.

Amanda Nolen with NilesNolen

Amanda Nolen

As co-founder of learning transformation consultancy NilesNolen, Amanda helps turn L&D into a strategic business driver through the right mix of strategy, technology, people and content.