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Curate Training Content from Anyone, Anywhere with Schoox

You can’t have a great learning program without great content. But content doesn’t all have to be the same! Offer the kind of content that connects more deeply with everyone from the front line to the corporate office.

With Schoox, you can curate content from anyone, anywhere. Combine off-the-shelf content, crowdsourced resources, and your own materials to create custom libraries perfectly curated for your learners.

Spark learners’ curiosity with a variety of training content, including:

  • Content you’ve built, which can be anything from SCORM courses, PowerPoint presentations, video files, PDFs, and so much more.
  • Crowdsourcing content from your users or others, like TEDTalk videos or user generated content.
  • Off-the-shelf content from our marketplace of learning partners covering thousands of courses on various topics.

Want to learn more? Check out all of our content capabilities.