Goals and Performance

With Schoox, you can establish an agile, continuous performance experience that’s intuitively connected to personalized learning and development initiatives. Spot competency or skills gaps, measure the impact of learning, manage automated and manual assessments, and proactively manage your future learning and talent strategy—all from a single, centralized solution that over 10 million employees already use and love.


Measure Progress Toward Goals

  • Set corporate objectives and cascade them down through the organization to individual roles and employees
  • Configure organizational goals by job role or enable individual employees to set personal goals
  • Assign employees tasks so that they stay on track to meet their goals
  • Connect organizational or personal goals to performance reviews
  • Allow multiple stakeholders or peers to contribute to a performance review within a team or across the organization
content skills
pool of skills

Manage a Pool of Skills and Competencies

  • Customize preloaded skills or build your own pool of skills and competencies
  • Add proficiency levels, industry, and tier tags to better identify and filter skills
  • Group your skills and competencies into categories for fast reference, reporting, and management

Connect Skills with Jobs and Courses

  • Define which courses are contributing in improving skills that are required for you jobs
  • Decide how important a skill is for a job by giving the desired weight
content skills
manual assessments

Manual and Automated Assessments

  • Allow managers to assess their team members’ skills and job performance
  • Schedule periodic mandatory assessments that managers have to conduct for their team members and track the completion rate
  • Automate assessments performed by the system based on your employees’ online performance
  • Define the ratio of importance between manual and automated assessments when the system ranks your employees on various skills and jobs


  • Allow your employees to enrich their profile with skills they have beyond those that are needed for their job
  • Give your employees the option to assess themselves
  • Correlate self-assessment scores with assessments your employees get from their managers
self assessment
assessment rules

Assessment Rules

  • Create different rules for team leaders to periodically assess their teams
  • Track the progress of periodic assessments and automatically send out reminder notifications

Connect On-the-Job tasks with Skills

  • Associate on-the-job training tasks with relevant skills and create automated skill assessments while evaluating real task performance
tasks and skills
skills ranking

See Rankings for Skills and Jobs

  • See what the top 10 performers are for any skill or job
  • Filter the top performers list for any part of your organization to find examples of the best sales reps in a specific region or a specific product

Identify and Close Skill Gaps

  • See what the skill strength of your employees are for any job and provide the proper training to close the gap
  • Adjust your training program based on your target skill strength for any job and track results
  • Find the candidates with the smallest skills gap for any job
  • Find the best internal candidates in any region for any job based on their ranking
skill gaps
perception gap

Perception Gap

  • Track the perception gap between employees and their leaders, supervisors, or mentors with respect to their skills and performance
  • Explore the perception gap by org structure, employee, and leader
  • Evaluate if the perception gap has an impact on employees’ performance or your business outcomes