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Guide your people toward success with coaching

Coaching in Schoox can give your team members the extra ‘oomph’ they need to enhance their learning journeys and speed them along a path to advancement within the organization.


Coach to strengthen learning

Schoox enables businesses to give personalized feedback, foster professional development, and improve performance through coaching sessions. Track employee strengths and areas of improvement to encourage development post-training.

Set up one-time or recurring coaching sessions to give employees one-on-one support.

Create custom forms with several different question types to gauge the skills most important to your business.

View at-a-glance dashboards about sessions, topics, coaches, coachees, and ratings to track activity and spot trends.




Unlock your team’s potential with coaching

With coaching, you can go beyond learning activities to encourage skill development, support operational efficiency, and ensure training retention.

LMS groups
Team performance

Use coaching after onboarding new employees to ensure they are adequately trained.

Manage Reports
Quality assurance

Ensure uniformity and compliance in operations across the board.

employee onboarding
Skills development

Guide learners through specific tasks and provide feedback to enhance skills in context.

Continuous Learning

Make coaching part of an ongoing strategy for learners to grow and receive support.

"Coaching sessions are meant not just as one-on-one time but to see how a coachee is progressing in their job. With Schoox, leaders can spot trends and then game plan how we can help him or her perform at the level that we expect."

Director of Sales Operations

Global, Enterprise Beverage Manufacturing Organization


Tackle disengagement and the skills gap

Coaching can play a pivotal role in fostering a supportive and growth-oriented culture at a time when employees want to feel valued by their employer.


85% of companies struggle with skill gaps within their workforce, hindering their growth and competitiveness.


Organizations who have a coaching culture are 2x as likely to see year-over-year increases in customer base.

Key performance indicators

Companies that invest in coaching are 52% more likely to see increases in revenue and engagement.

extended enterprise

70% of those who receive coaching see improved work performance, relationships and communication skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Schoox makes learning fun for your employees and encourages them to pursue opportunities for growth.
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Ready to Connect Learning to Talent Development?