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Introducing our next generation user experience

With a fresh user interface, intuitive navigation, immersive course experiences, and AI-enabled skills mapping, our learning management system takes a bold approach to learning and development—empowering businesses to better train their teams and unlock opportunities for growth.


Get a productivity boost

Workspaces make Schoox more intuitive—combining navigation, workflows, content, and insights into seamless experiences. Our approach maximizes productivity, ensuring users have quick access to the tools and training they need to perform their best.

Learner Experience

Launch into learning

Empower learners with their personalized learning launchpad.  The new learner experience surfaces insights on active assignments, self-directed courses, career paths, and real-time skill data. It keeps learners engaged with relevant content, fosters connections for a strong learning community, and motivates with clear career development goals.

Take learning to the next level

Discover how Schoox can make learning fun, rewarding, and impactful for your people and business.

Course Experience

Experience immersive training

Learning should be exciting and fun. Captivate learners with content in “theater mode” for a distraction-free view, allow them to share notes with other learners to start discussions, and provide a fresh new perspective on workplace learning with immersive course experiences in Schoox.

AI Enabled Skills

Connect skills, jobs, and content with AI

Automate connecting jobs, learning content, and the critical skills your employees need with Schoox's new AI-powered skills mapping. This transformation eliminates time-consuming manual work, turning skills mapping into a strategic advantage. Empower your L&D team to build a future-forward workforce, ready to adapt and thrive wherever work happens.

"We needed a new LMS to provide a more streamlined experience to our end-users, as well as a better way for shops to report on trainee progress. I would 100% recommend Schoox."

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Ken Fuller

Senior Manager, Training Deployment at Potbelly Sandwich Works

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Empower learners, drive results, and unlock L&D's potential with Schoox. Our next-generation platform takes a bold leap forward in workplace learning. See what's new and what's coming as we focus on helping organizations transform training and prepare your workforce for the future. Get a demo today and see how Schoox can help you achieve your goals.

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