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Learning that Captivates: Introducing a New Course Experience in Schoox

15 May 2024

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captivating learning experiences in schoox

Engaging learning experiences make the difference between training that actually improves employee performance, productivity and retention, and training that fails to resonate.

To see a return on investment in learning and development programs, businesses must leverage the right technology to make learning rewarding and fun. The key to creating impactful learning and development programs is immersive content that engages employees and encourages them to continue improving their skills. 

“Theater Mode” for Distraction-Free Viewing

The great thing about movies? They captivate. Workplace learning should be captivating, too. The new course experience in Schoox is designed to capture and keep learner attention through an immersive, distraction-free environment for video and document viewing.

When employees open a course, they enter into “Theater Mode”—a full-screen view that removes screen clutter and allows them to focus solely on the training content. As they view documents or videos, they can use intuitive annotation tools to highlight text, create video clips, and add personal notes on the left sidebar. Employees can quickly revisit important quotes, concepts, or examples worth referencing later.

To further simplify the user experience, a redesigned sidebar keeps learners oriented to the task at hand, with upcoming course steps listed on the right so they can progress through the material seamlessly. With one click, they can also access bonus training content like supplemental videos or documents.

Video-based learning is widely recognized as one of those most effective learning methods because it reduces cognitive load—making the information easier to understand—and grabs attention. “Theater Mode” amplifies the impact of video learning, promoting active learning and knowledge sharing among your workforce.

Collaborative Learning and Crowdsourced Knowledge

Schoox’s new course experience transforms online workplace training into an immersive, interactive journey. The real power comes from social learning tools that turn siloed training into a collaborative experience. 

In the new course experience, employees can share annotations publicly with others enrolled in the same course, react to coworkers’ notes, and join discussions around critical ideas. They’ll see their peers’ highlights and comments surfaced directly in the training documents and video pages. This helps employees uncover and reduce knowledge gaps, reinforce core concepts through dialogue, and uncover fresh perspectives by learning from their colleagues’ experiences. Annotations can remain private or shared with the group to create a crowdsourced knowledge base that supplements the course materials. 

Screenshot of the immersive course experience in the new Schoox user experience

Through dynamic design and a learner-centric approach, Schoox elevates online training from a passive experience to a fun adventure full of discovery, knowledge sharing, and growth for your employees.

Discover what else is new — click below to learn more about the new user experience in Schoox.

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