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Build Better L&D: From training to learning to development

Learning shouldn’t happen as a one-time fix – rather it should align with organisational goals, inspiring and empowering workers to evolve skills accordingly.

Andrew Jacobs, Learning Strategist of Llarn Learning Services, & David Wentworth, VP, Learning & Talent Development Evangelist for Schoox, as they explore how to craft effective L&D programmes. In this session, Andrew and David will discuss:

  • How successful companies use learning to transform the business.
  • Areas L&D teams should reassess to foster true talent development.
  • Initial steps organisations can take to create a blueprint for L&D renovation.

Meet the Speakers

David Wentworth, Schoox

David is the VP, Learning & Talent Development Platform Evangelist at Schoox. He brings more than a decade of knowledge to the company, including a deep understanding of the workplace technology industry, with an emphasis on learning and development.

Andrew Jacobs, Llarn Learning Services

Andrew is the Learning Strategist at Llarn Learning Services. Andrew has significant experience in a range of roles across learning, training, talent, and people development. 

Andrew Jacobs