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Demo Video: People-First Employee Onboarding

First impressions count. New employees need a positive learning experience from day one. However, it’s important to deliver engaging training content in easily digestible chunks.

With Schoox’s Learning and Development platform, we aim to help organizations set new employees up for success while giving insights to leaders on their progress and business impact.

In this video, we’ll explore how to :

  • Create an engaging onboarding experience for employees using personalized learning, assessments, group discussions, and skills development
  • Give managers better insight into the onboarding progress with learner or team dashboards and on-the-job training checklists
  • Equip admins with the tools needed to build impactful onboarding programs through onboarding profiles, comparison and KPI reporting, and more

See how Schoox can help you in your own onboarding needs via tailored demo.