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Demo Video: Using Skills Development to Future-Proof Your Business

With unemployment levels at all-time lows and many workers rethinking their employment options, businesses must ensure they’re upskilling and reskilling employees to continue to deliver results amid changing economic conditions.

Global organizations use Schoox to engage employees, increase job satisfaction, and boost retention levels. Schoox brings learning and development together to provide users—from the front line to the corporate office—with continuous learning opportunities and clear paths for advancement. Drive retention and build your future leaders with Schoox.

In this video, you’ll learn how to:

  • Boost retention with our employee-driven career paths, dynamic skills assessments, and adaptive learning recommendations engine
  • Engage your workforce via groups, discussion boards, rankings, leaderboards, and QR codes
  • Create personalized experiences for learners automatically based on their data, preferences, and more

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