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They Learn, You Win—Why L&D is Your #1 Retention Strategy

“What’s in it for me?”

This may sound like a selfish question, but it should be top of mind for Learning and Development (L&D) leaders when it comes to employee engagement and retention. Why? Because that’s what your employees are asking themselves with every new initiative you roll out, and if they don’t like the answer, you might lose them altogether. To help us better understand how L&D impacts employee engagement and retention, David welcomes Schoox’s Chief People & Culture Officer, Matthew Brown, to the show. The duo dives into employee loyalty, the need for reciprocal loyalty from organizations, and the importance of investing in broader skills for employees.

Listen as we discuss:

  • The results of investing in employee development
  • Creating individualized development plans to help with retention
  • Understanding what drives people in L&D
  • Taking L&D assessment results into account when making business decisions

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David Wentworth Headshor

About the Host: David Wentworth
David is the VP, Learning & Talent Development Platform Evangelist at Schoox. He brings more than a decade of knowledge to the company, including a deep understanding of the workplace technology industry, with an emphasis on learning and development.