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They Learn, You Win—Why McDonald’s Takes a People-First Approach to Learning

Should L&D professionals take lessons from… video game streamers?

It may seem an odd question, but with the rise in AI and digital tools, so many learning experiences are now being designed without an eye toward how humans actually learn. Those who understand online content consumption and user experience design will be at a massive advantage. These are areas that today’s guest, Lan Tran, understands very well. As the Director of Learning Design and Technology at McDonald’s—a company as diverse as it is massive—Lan is dedicated to creating learning materials that are customized to local cultures to meet the needs of their people.

Listen as we discuss:

  • The unique approach to learning McDonald’s uses to serve its vast employee base
  • How struggles, motivations, and engagement factors contribute to effective L&D
  • The impact of different organizational models on learning design efforts
  • Creating a culture of reflection and practice (even with limited time)

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David Wentworth Headshor

About the Host: David Wentworth
David is the VP, Learning & Talent Development Platform Evangelist at Schoox. He brings more than a decade of knowledge to the company, including a deep understanding of the workplace technology industry, with an emphasis on learning and development.