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How To Boost Your eLearning Completion Rate

28 January 2015

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When it comes to training, for most managers and Human resource trainers the biggest issue is adopting a work environment where they are not interrupted with routine matters. The one major obstacle towards eLearning completion rate is that trainees can get easily distracted.

It is not enough that a manager gives the employee separate time for eLearning and delegates no work during these hours. There will still be things that act as obstacles to the eLearning completion rate.

For many learners taking training course in their own time is very much preferable. Plus this is good for the employees as well as they do not have to deal with any added costs that cater to eLearning at the office. Here are the top tips on how you can increase the eLearning completion rate at your workplace.

Compare and Compete

Competition of any kind serves as a motivation tool to complete the course. You can do this by showing charts of percentage completion by each participant, and where they stand as compared to everyone else. The easiest way to do this is to send out the results every week via email. You can ask the company that is providing eLearning course support to help you with keeping track of any updates. Schoox is one such organization that will walk you through solving any training challenges that you may be facing.

Be a Role Model

Managers should set an example by completing the course themselves. This way the employees will never have the excuse of ‘if our supervising authority does not bother with it then why we should.’ Moreover managers need to act as role models, finish the course in a reasonable time and show the trainees that they can do it too.

Make Things Interesting

For some people training is boring. One way to eliminate this is by providing social interaction along with the eLearning experience. You could assign pre work that requires that trainees interact with colleagues. The best example for this is team project. Another neat idea is to provide perks like free lunch during a project discussion.

Emphasize On Completion

Many times employees have to be told by the managers how important a course is and why they must complete it. Simply positively reinforce the completion of the course.

Offer Rewards

This is probably the best motivation factor there is. Financial incentives can work too. In addition to this if you do offer rewards consistently the participant are more likely to return for another course, and complete that too because of the incentive.

A supervisor who does not know how a trainee is progressing cannot help that person. However if a manger keeps track of performances then they are better able to intervene if they see that a trainee is lagging behind. Maybe the supervisor can also find out if the employee is distracted, and maybe even help him reduce these interruptions.

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