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Why eLearning Works: 3 Stunning Statistics For 2017

16 October 2017

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eLearning is one of the single most powerful methods of instruction. Whether you’re educating new employees about company policies, training them on new machines or equipment, or even instructing students, eLearning is extremely valuable for the development of employee skills, and can help further employee engagement.

Don’t want to take our word for it? You don’t have to! We’ve put together a simple list of some of the most stunning eLearning statistics for 2017! Take a look – and we’re sure you’ll agree that interactive training is an invaluable tool for your business, and that it’s the future of learning and development!

1. eLearning Requires 40-60% LESS Time Spent, Compared To Classroom Instruction

According to a study by the Brandon Hall Group, eLearning can provide similar levels of instruction as face-to-face classroom instruction – and take only 40-60% of the time that a traditional class would require.

Why is this? It’s simple – eLearning for corporate training are asynchronous. Rather than requiring employees to interrupt their standard workflows to sit through a lecture or a class, eLearning can be done on their own terms – and at their own pace.

One of the main reasons that classroom instruction takes such a long time is that employees can’t learn at their own pace. If one of your employees is a very fast learner, they may simply be slowed down by waiting for others to understand course material – which wastes time.

By providing employees with an easy-to-use, asynchronous course, eLearning is incredibly effective learning tools. Each employee can learn skills for their career at their own pace and on their own schedule – which leads to time savings, and a lower overall cost of corporate training!

2. eLearning Retention Rates Are Higher Than Face-To-Face Instruction

Shocked? It’s true! According to Forbes, eLearning retention rates can be anywhere from 25-60% higher than face-to-face retention rates – which typically range from 8-10%.

There are several reasons for this. First, eLearning let students learn at their own pace. Learners can take as much – or as little – time as they need to understand all of the course material, without feeling embarrassed or intimidated by other students who are faster learners.

Second, eLearning students can quickly and easily revisit course material for review. In contrast, most face-to-face instructional sessions are not recorded. Even if they are recorded, their looser structure makes it more difficult for a learner to revisit them, and find the information they need.

Finally, eLearning can contain more interactive tools than comparable in-classroom instructional sessions. eLearning can allow students to take interactive quizzes, think critically about business scenarios, and even view interactive videos. Interactive content has been proven to boost learner engagement – making eLearning an even more effective learning tool.

3. eLearning Can Boost Employee Engagement By Up To 18%

According to the Molly Fletcher Company, eLearning is a great way to boost employee engagement. An engaged, active workforce is critical to smooth human resources management, and increasing profitability and employee “buy-in”  to your company.

eLearning can provide employees with a great way to connect with your company – and because these programs are online and are not disruptive to their normal workflows, they’re much more likely to participate actively, and become more engaged with your company.

In-class instruction can often have the opposite effect. Some employees may feel that their time is being wasted, or that they don’t need to the instruction you’re giving – and this can lead to feelings of bitterness and lower levels of employee engagement.

Active, online learning, therefore, is one of the best ways to connect with your employees. Whether you’re instructing them in the use of new software or educating them about corporate policies, employees appreciate the flexibility of online eLearning tools – and this translates to a direct bump in employee satisfaction and engagement.

Don’t Miss Out On The Benefits Of eLearning

For the three reasons we outlined above – and dozens more – eLearning is a fantastic way to engage with employees, allow them to be educated on their own terms, and increase their satisfaction with your company.

Properly implemented, eLearning is affordable, flexible, and powerful – and can be adjusted to fit all of your business needs. So don’t miss out on these benefits. Think about how traditional face-to-face instruction and training that can be replaced or supplemented with eLearning.

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