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SUBWAY® Sandwich Restaurants’ new training University launched globally to 540,000 users in 30 days

07 June 2016


Schoox’s modern e-learning training technology enables record implementation speed.

A new, easier-to-use University of Subway has been successfully rolled out to 540,000 users in 110 countries at the brand’s 44,000+ locations in just 30 days. Schoox’s training platform enabled the record breaking global implementation of one of the world’s largest franchise companies, reaching peak daily rollouts to 125,000 users with no issues.

“In order for franchisees and company employees to ensure they are always providing exceptional services to their customers  proper training is critical. Schoox allows training to be instant and more effective,” said Trevor Haynes VP of Operations.

The entire global roll out was completed in just 30 days.

“Implementation in the Learning Management System (LMS) industry tends to be the most painful part for our clients. We purposely made it the easy for our customers by strategically designing our user experiences and our product capabilities to serve complex organizations like Subway,” said Lefteris Ntouanoglou, CEO of Schoox.

The success of this massive global launch country by country required tremendous coordination and team effort between Subway’s Technology, Training and Operations teams and Schoox’s support team.

“To our knowledge, we are unaware of any global LMS launch of this size in this timeframe. It was a great partnership and we are confident we can roll out any type of rollout for any type of corporation,” said Lefteris Ntouanoglou, CEO of Schoox.

About Subway

Customers in 111 countries have easy access to a fresh line-up of vegetables for their made-to-order sandwiches and salads at any of the more than 44,000 franchised locations. The company, founded 50-years-ago by then-17-year-old Fred DeLuca and family-friend Dr. Peter Buck, is still a family-owned business with thousands of dedicated franchisees/entrepreneurs in neighborhoods around the world, providing easy access to vegetables, detailed nutrition, dietary, and healthy lifestyle information. This has been a priority for the SUBWAY® chain for many years. To learn more information about us, visit, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. SUBWAY® is a registered trademark of Subway IP Inc.

About Schoox

Schoox is a global e-learning cloud-based learning company providing training platforms for small businesses, corporations and franchises specializing in restaurant and retail industries. Redefining Learning Management Systems, Schoox’s highly intuitive, social, mobile interface has delivered over 5 million video lessons, 25,000 video lectures in a single day and serves over 1 million users in over 111 countries. Schoox partners with restaurant industry leader, HotSchedules, to offer restaurant customers a complete full suite solution for hiring, training and scheduling. To learn more, visit

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