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  • See how it works

    Instantly upload all your training materials in any format so you can deliver training on demand to a workforce that lives on their mobile device.

    schoox is a proven, trusted solution
  • The perfect LMS for the Restaurant Industry

    In high turnover industries you MUST deliver learning fast for fast ROI.

    No other LMS can address your needs for reporting, user management and flexible user rights for creating and assigning courses across your stores.

    schoox is a proven, trusted solution
  • The most elegant LMS for the Retail Industry

    You have to do more with less. And measure it. And maintain your culture,brand consistency and lead a workplace people love.

    Your managers and training managers want a life. So do you.

    schoox is a proven, trusted solution

Schoox is a proven, trusted

Over 1 Million learners use Schoox

5,000,000+ video lessons delivered

A new
user joins Schoox every minute

What customers say about Schoox

Customers love Schoox.

We fit your culture, learning outcomes and fast-paced work environment.

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Schoox in your pocket

Schoox in your pocket!

We live on our smart phones.

A good mobile app should free up your daily activities - and make you more productive.

Get your free Schoox mobile app for iPhone,iPad and Android now:

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Adaptive Learning and
Career Paths

Schoox can make personalized course suggestions based on skills performance and even complete personalized learning paths for your workers that will help them acquire the required skills for any desired job. They just have to choose the job they are interested in and follow the suggested path. The path changes dynamically as the learner makes progress.

Training ROI

Training ROI

With Schoox you are now able to measure the impact that training has in your business. Correlate easily any KPI with your training metrics to discover any relationship and dependence between training and business performance. A unique and innovative tool that gives you all the power you need to set training goals and improve all aspects of your business whether it is sales, customer satisfaction or productivity.

amazing user experience

Amazing User Experience

Schoox offers an intuitive, social and mobile interface that learners love.

Our platform is perfect for hard-to-engage workers of any age, including Millennials.

We’re disrupting the LMS status quo.

And we’re passionate about it.

We believe training should be about results.

next generation learning management

Next Generation Learning Management

With schoox you can:

  • Quickly and easily create courses
  • Train employees, managers and even partners - anywhere, anytime
  • Customize access and assignments based on criteria you choose

badges and gamification

Badges and Gamification

Today’s workers don’t like reading manuals. They want to be engaged, interact in real time and have fun while learning.

Schoox lets you create courses that offer credits, unlock badges and award your own certificates.

content management

Content Management

Are your training materials in 10 forms? No problem.
Schoox lets you upload virtually any file type instantly.

You can also use our cutting-edge tools to add a web resource to your training library in seconds.

instructor led training

Instructor Led Training

Schoox supports blended training in a very innovative way. Manage your in-class and virtual classroom training events and combine them with self-paced online courses.

talent management

Talent Management

A powerful skills and performance management system can help you discover your team members’ strengths and help them in their personal development. Find the right talent for any job in your organization.

powerful reporting

Powerful Reporting

Track your workers’ training performance in multiple ways with Schoox’ powerful and dynamic Training Dashboard.

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Schoox in your pocket
create academy

Create your own Online
Training Academy in
less than 1 minute!

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