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Subway® Sandwich Restaurants

Operating in 115 countries and over 44,500 franchised locations see how Schoox handles Subway's complex org structure.


Users launched to in 30 days





Users launched to in 30 days



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  • Customers in 115 countries have easy access to a fresh line-up of vegetables for their made-to-order sandwiches and salads at any of the more than 44,500 franchised locations. The company, founded 52-years-ago by then-17-year-old Fred DeLuca and family-friend Dr. Peter Buck, is still a family-owned business with thousands of dedicated franchisees/entrepreneurs in neighborhoods around the world, providing easy access to vegetables, detailed nutrition, dietary, and healthy lifestyle information. This has been a priority for the Subway® chain for many years.


    Subway’s Previous LMS Struggles

    • Unhappy with the old LMS – we couldn’t seem to line up the data the way we needed, we could not do reporting at the DA level and the HQ level
    • Had to create our own reporting systems outside of the old LMS
    • There was no customer service- it was a ticketing system, not a person; tickets were never resolved and on many occasions, they wanted to charge us for the fix
    • The old LMS would just shut down in a middle of one of our users taking a course
    • No mobile experience options, no app
    • The interface look and feel was out dated and it couldn’t scale for our growth
    • It was difficult to address the Subway® brand’s complex organizational structuremulti-relationships of corporate, franchisor and franchisees

    Why did Subway® choose Schoox?

    • We looked at a few LMSs and were introduced to Schoox by Red Book Connect
    • Our first impression of Schoox – very easy to use interface, very intuitive and very modern, clean and streamlined; we loved it
    • Our only concern was users from the old system may not be able to adapt but those users with social platform experience would get it
    • Taking a course was very easy and administration tasks were exceptionally easy

    Schoox makes you feel like you are their only customper. They have been available by phone and email 24/7; no more ticketing system. The day-to-day interaction and turnaround time of customer support has been above our expectation

    Phil DeSorbo
    Technology Team – Product Owner

    How did Schoox Solve Your Business Challenges?

    • First the rollout was done in an unbelievable record time; the University of Subway was launched to all 540,000 users in 110 countries at the brand’s 44,000+ locations in just 30 days; reaching peak daily rollouts to 125,000 users with no issues
    • The mobile app was a great additional training option
    • It was very easy to setup users that aligned with our complex organizational hierarchy
    • Users from old system adapted easily to the new system; we offered training resources and the communication was very good
    • The Schoox’s platform was extremely reliable; we’ve had no issues
    • Franchisees pull reports is easily, much better than the old system
    • The system is so easy to use that across the organization admins, franchise owners, and users can navigate through the system quickly and easily with basic training source
    • Easier to manage the training time for users; creates flexibility within the workspace to offer training at anytime
    • In-house technical support tickets are practically non-existent now
    • The feedback has been positive across the entire organization; C-level is very pleased because all of the users are pleased

    Were there any benefits of Schoox that were unexpected?

    • Schoox makes you feel like we are their only customer; they have been available by phone and email 24/7; no more ticketing system; the day-to-day interaction and turnaround time of customer support has been above our expectation and a pleasant surprise.
    • Schoox has opened our eyes to other possibilities in reporting; from a HQ perspective – we are thinking differently how we report on ourselves and working with Schoox to make that happen
    • Schoox made system Integration very easy; technology and integration standpoint the last LMS was a nightmare and this one was planned diligently and it went very smooth throughout the rollout—it was a nice surprise
    • Schoox took care of recreating every one of our courses that were in a SCORM format for us, which saved our internal training team an immense amount of time and burden; Schoox made it seamless for us by just taking it over and recreating every SCORM course into a video format; enabled us to move away from SCORM which has made it easier for us to deliver training content
    • Our future plans include turning on the social collaboration features as our users are asking for them

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