product overview

Product Overview

Schoox is a unique talent development platform that covers the entire range of activities that help companies—from small businesses to enterprise-level—change their perception about learning and talent development from a traditional compliance checklist into a holistic business growth process.

Single Application

Schoox is the only talent development platform that has everything you need to help your employees learn, develop their skills, and drive business growth in one single application. No need to integrate several applications and put in lots of effort to achieve limited data flow. With Schoox, data from different modules flow automatically and intelligently through the entire system creating amazing and innovative synergies.

single application

Intelligent data flow

What do we mean by intelligent data flow? Imagine if your employees’ performance data could drive personalized course recommendations, learning path suggestions for career development, or suggestions for succession planning. Or, if training data could help you measure business impact and increase sales or improve customer satisfaction. With Schoox, you can achieve synergies between training, performance, and business data, from one module to another, in ways you’ve likely never seen before.

intelligent data flow

Holistic Approach

We believe that effective training can help drive business outcomes, and we take a holistic approach to designing our platform to support that. By providing valuable training content, and enabling employees and managers to collaborate within the platform, your company can improve its knowledge-sharing capabilities and drive development opportunities. Finally, correlating performance data with your KPIs allows you to measure the impact of training in your business and tailor your courseware to drive business growth.

holistic approach

Disruptive Design

Schoox isn’t designed to fit into the existing map of traditional learning or talent development suites of products. First, instead of having to combine several different apps, in Schoox you can turn on and off any talent development feature you want or don’t want to use within the same application. Second, the flexibility and ease with which you can set up your organizational structure and personalize associated learning activities may surprise you. We aim to go far beyond any other learning or talent development system to meet your practical business needs.

disruptive design

Integration with third-party apps

Already have an HR application in place (HRIS, HCM, LMS, TMS, CMS, etc.)? Schoox can work with any of your existing systems to give you many options with how to manage data and information. Integration with third-party apps

You can set it up as a comprehensive talent development platform that covers compliance training, social collaboration, performance management, and business outcome measurement that integrates with your existing HRIS.

Integration with third-party apps