Business Impact

Proving the impact of training programs can be a time-consuming challenge that often ends up low on IT’s priority list. With Schoox’s Business Impact module, L&D teams can easily correlate company key performance indicators (KPIs) with your training metrics without the need for a separate BI tool. Go beyond basic compliance data and deliver tangible insights connected to overall business objectives to stakeholders and executives.

Easily Import KPI Data

  • Define and manage different types of KPIs like revenue summaries, customer satisfaction averages, and so much more
  • Easily import KPI data via Excel files or integrate with any third-party system
  • Add your KPI values at the organizational level, course/curriculum level, employee level, or all of the above

Measure the Business Impact of Training

  • Select a correlation method to measure the relation and dependency between training and business performance in different areas like sales, customer satisfaction, product expertise, and more
  • Explore training performance thresholds and set target performance-level benchmarks
  • Investigate how long it takes after training to see the impact and expected results in respective business areas

Neutralize Your KPIs from Usual Trends

  • Add seasonal trends alongside your various KPIs to get more objective dependency results between your training and business KPIs
  • The system neutralizes your KPIs from seasonal trends before calculating any correlation

Impact of Ongoing vs. Seasonal Training

  • Distinguish between ongoing training and seasonal training initiatives
  • Explore the impact of ongoing training and how this impacts your business as you change and adjust your training programs
  • Explore how your seasonal training activities impact your business and the timeframe for expected results

Explore Dependency between Business Areas

  • Compare business performance results between two or more units, regions, business areas, sales teams, stores, and other areas
  • Correlate various business KPIs and explore the impact of training on one business area
  • Investigate if customer satisfaction impacts customer upselling

Evaluate Organizational Knowledge

  • Gain visibility into the depth of your organization’s knowledge
  • Track the depth of knowledge in any part of the organization, or measure it for a particular subject, course, or curriculum
  • See how the collective knowledge impacts your business KPIs
  • Correlate your employees’ knowledge against skill strengths in their job