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Schoox Podcast Episode: People and Culture Expert Shares Secrets to L&D-Driven Retention

05 January 2024

Podcast Image_Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown, Schoox’s Chief People and Culture Officer and Forbes HR Council Member, Shares L&D Insights for Happy, Engaged Teams.

AUSTIN, Texas, January 05, 2024—Learning and talent development software provider Schoox today announced the latest episode in its podcast, ‘They Learn, You Win,’ hosted by David Wentworth, the talent platform evangelist at Schoox. The podcast features colleagues and industry experts to highlight new technology, discuss the latest issues and trends, and put a spotlight on those who excel at L&D.

The new episode, ‘Why L&D is Your #1 Retention Strategy,’ features Matthew Brown, Schoox Chief People and Culture Officer and Forbes HR Council Member. The duo dives into employee loyalty, the need for reciprocal loyalty from organizations, and the importance of investing in broader skills for employees. Topics include:

  • The results of investing in employee development
  • Creating individualized development plans to help with retention
  • Understanding what drives people in L&D
  • Taking L&D assessment results into account when making business decisions

“Today’s workforce is telling us loud and clear that developing them as individuals matters,” said Brown. “If you want them to give all they can, learning opportunities are crucial for retention.” 

During the episode, Brown and Wentworth also discuss the need for organizations to think beyond ‘learners’ in a specific job and invest in the whole person to achieve the best return on investment in people.

“Staff want to understand what’s in it for them,” explained Wentworth. “L&D leaders need to convey the value to engage their teams, inspire them to grow in their knowledge as well as their careers, and create a thriving culture.” 

The latest episode of They Learn, You Win is available in your favorite podcast app: 

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