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Schoox Receives “Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution” Award from Lighthouse Research & Advisory

26 May 2021


The annual HR Tech Awards, powered by Lighthouse Research and Advisory, selects Schoox as the “Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution” for talent development in 2021.

Austin, TX – May 26, 2021— Schoox announces its selection as the 2021 HR Tech Awards Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution.

The selection was for the Talent Development category. It was made by Lighthouse Research & Advisory, an analyst firm in the strategic HCM research and advisory space. 

“Schoox’s entry highlighted its focus beyond just an LMS as a true foundation for culture. Its growth and success are a clear extension of that,” said Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

Watch the Lighthouse Research and Advisory’s podcast as Ben Eubanks announces this year’s winners. 

Or, read the complete list of 2021 winners on their website.

What is the Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution award for? Solutions that bring new features and capabilities to the market or solve an old problem in a new way.

“We are honored to receive an award that so closely represents why Schoox was created in the first place. It’s definitely validation that we’re moving in the right direction. And there’s so much more to come,” said Lefteris Ntouanoglou, CEO of Schoox.

About Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Over the last 10+ years, the Lighthouse Research & Advisory team has been serving HR, talent, and learning professionals with practical research and advice. 

With a blend of cutting edge research and hands-on experience in HR, talent management, and employee development, they understand what it takes to operate a modern people function.

About Schoox

In 2012, our founders experienced firsthand how difficult it was to implement, administer, and drive adoption of an outdated LMS. They had ongoing shifts in both organizational structure and business objectives. As a result, they needed a solution to better serve administrator and learner needs.

So, they set out to design Schoox with all of the components of traditional HR and learning technology systems. But they did it through a distinctively different lens.

Today, Schoox is a uniquely agile learning and talent development platform. They help businesses shift from traditional, compliance-based training to an approach that unlocks employee potential and business growth.

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