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Recipe for Success: How Coaching Helps Restaurants Boost Performance and Develop Talent

05 September 2023

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A coach mentors a trainee at a restaurant.

Most restaurants need new hires to get trained and on the frontlines as quickly as possible, but learning shouldn’t stop there. Restaurants that encourage continuous learning often see increased productivity, decreased employee turnover, and improved operations and bottom lines.

While online learning is great for some topics, restaurants often need to employ additional learning methods to ensure employees have the skills required to perform physical job tasks. In many situations, there is simply no substitute for one-on-one interactions between trainees and managers. Coaching in Schoox allows managers to schedule single or recurring sessions with individual employees for training and mentorship. It helps restaurants improve performance, streamline and standardize operations, and prepare top talent for career advancement.

Here are three ways restaurants of all sizes can use coaching in Schoox:

On-the-Job Training

Time is of the essence at any restaurant, so training needs to be simple and effective. While it might be possible for someone to learn how to make a burger through a video, teaching them in person is much faster. For restaurants with multiple locations, however, quality assurance is a top concern. It isn’t enough to teach new employees how to make a burger—managers must ensure employees make the burger the same way every time and that they follow company procedures to do so. Coaching enhances on-the-job restaurant training by providing additional checkpoints for managers to ensure these kinds of operational standards are understood and met.

Managers can complete checklists, take notes on employee performance, attach photos, and track progress through simple forms that are saved along with all other employee training activities. It’s one more way to help employees keep their skills sharp and ensure compliance across the board.

Management and Mentorship

Restaurants are hectic work environments. From lunch rushes to late-night crowds, it’s easy for employees to get swept up in the tasks at hand. While it may seem like there’s always something more important to do, restaurants benefit tremendously from encouraging employees to engage in ongoing learning opportunities.

Coaching is one way to support employees, whether they’re struggling or show exceptional promise. Managers can schedule sessions with employees to help them through complex tasks, providing additional training to get them back on track. For those who are ready for promotion, coaching is an excellent way to regularly connect, provide feedback and mentorship, and identify new skills to strengthen.

Talent Development

Did you know nearly one in ten people in the U.S. work at a restaurant at some point? Whether or not they build a career in the foodservice business, a restaurant job is an important step for many. That’s why learning and development professionals at the world’s most successful restaurant enterprises emphasize investing in their people. They take strategic steps to ensure their employees receive the training, support, and career development opportunities they need to get ahead.

Coaching enables restaurants to be intentional about each individual’s career progression. At large organizations where it’s easy for employees to feel like a number, coaching presents a chance to build personal connections and figure out how to best shape a person’s career path based on their unique skills and interests. It’s a flexible way for managers, mentors, or coaches to meet regularly with employees to discuss career progression, and it shows employees that the business is invested in their success.

Interested in learning more about how coaching in Schoox can help your organization improve performance and drive your business forward? Connect with us for a demo.

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