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Three Ways to Use Coaching to Optimize Learning and Boost Performance

25 July 2023

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Coaching in Schoox

Onboarding? Check. Training? Check. Coaching? Always in progress.

We all need a helping hand sometimes, but without a proactive approach, it’s difficult to give people the individual support they need — especially after training is completed.

Coaching is an engaging and effective way for training managers and team leaders to help employees perform their best, keep them focused and motivated, and prepare them to take on new challenges. Let’s dive into three ways companies of all sizes can leverage coaching to strengthen operations, improve performance, and encourage employees to bring their A-game.

1. Performance and Quality Assurance

Once onboarding and other initial training is completed, it can be easy to lose sight of whether employees are practicing what they were taught. In high-impact environments, discrepancies in operational procedures can lead to poor customer service and revenue loss. Without regular check-ins, employees may also feel disconnected and disengaged, or simply forget what they learned when they were first hired.

For large enterprises or those with an expansive geographic footprint, standardization is even more important for quality assurance. Quick service restaurants, for example, must ensure that the preparation and quality of their food is the same no matter where customers order a meal, or a construction company might need to check if employees are properly handling equipment.

2. Employee Engagement

Coaching provides an interactive opportunity for employees and coaches to connect with and learn from each other. Once training is complete, coaching helps leaders ensure employees are continuing to engage and perform the skills needed to ensure a job well done, especially as they take on greater responsibility.

It’s a safe space for employees to bring questions and coaches to offer constructive feedback on skills and task completion. It also gives each participant room to bring up roadblocks or challenges, smooth out operational hurdles, and confirm that everyone is on the same page when it comes to business practices and procedures.

3. Talent Development

Coaching allows businesses to be more intentional about their employees’ professional development. It can be combined with online learning, on-the-job training, and other talent development opportunities to create unique learning paths that prepare promising employees for specific roles. Coaching sessions can help promising employees strengthen specific skills that are critical for promotion within the company or broader career progression. It lets companies track employee progress over time to determine if and when to provide one-on-one support in targeted areas and offer a clear, measurable path toward skill and career advancement.

Coaching is also a great way to introduce a face-to-face, one-on-one element into the overall learning experience. Since so much training is done independently and online today, it’s nice to have the option to foster a more personal connection with employees. It can help both sides build trust, reach deeper insights, and open up even more opportunities for greater productivity and growth.

Coaching in Schoox

From quality assurance to assuring your best and brightest stick around, coaching in Schoox helps even the world’s most complex organizations improve operations, increase employee engagement, and build synergy between team members.

Coaching enables designated coaches to observe and confirm that training is effective and that team members are following proper protocol. Through simple forms that can be customized to include relevant fields for notes, photos, open-ended questions, and more, Schoox makes it easy for coaches to capture information that helps determine if each job is done the right way. Coaching in Schoox can be scheduled as a one-time event to brush up on something important, or recurring sessions to provide structured and ongoing feedback.

It’s an easy and effective way to keep everyone aligned with operational standards and focused on organizational goals. And for companies who want to go beyond the basics, coaching is a dynamic and personal way to show employees you’re invested in their success.

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