Learning Engagement

Traditional “one size fits all” learning systems are too rigid to adapt to the needs of the modern workforce. Schoox’s Learning Engagement module gives L&D teams a branded learning environment in which employees can develop their knowledge and skills anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With Schoox, you can finally create an end-to-end experience that effectively onboards and trains new employees, mitigates compliance risk, and continuously engages and develops talent.

learning engagement
courses and curricula

Easy Course and Curricula Creation

  • Create courses with tracking capabilities out of any type of format, including documents, pdfs, PowerPoints, videos, SCORM, xAPI, YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, and many more
  • Drag-and-drop content to create courses in minutes
  • Easily design a unique curriculum for individual learning paths

Maximize Outcome with Blended Training

  • Manage in-class and live instructor-led training (ILT) events
  • Combine self-paced training with ILT within the same course to build a blended training experience
  • Set up and track on-the-job (OJT) training tasks as part of a course or curriculum
blended training
collaborative learning

Encourage Collaboration and Feedback

  • Leverage discussion boards to encourage collaboration
  • Get employee feedback for each course with built-in polls
  • Let employees rate and review your courses

Create Exams and Check Results

  • Leverage a variety of question types including ones with multiple choice, true/false, multiple answers, and fill-in-the-blank responses
  • Limit exam time and number of attempts, control access with a password, and shuffle answers and/or questions on exam retakes
  • Create a pool of exam questions for reuse
create exams
assign courses

Assign Courses in Lightning Speed

  • Assign courses and curricula based on job, organizational structure, and language with just a few clicks
  • Create automated assignment rules based on different criteria and never worry whether new hires or newly promoted staff receive proper training
  • Assign training to an individual employee or to 1M+ employees at once

Train and Hire Candidates, Partners and Customers

  • Make courses and curricula selectively accessible to external members like job candidates, partners, and customers
  • Turn a candidate into an employee once hired with a click of a button and inherit all of their training data
  • Turn an employee into an external member
partners and customers
track progress

Track Progress and Reporting

  • Track your employees’ training progress in multiple ways with Schoox’s powerful and dynamic training dashboard
  • Compare different groups, departments, and units against one another in terms of completion rate, exam scores, and more
  • Schedule automated notifications to get your favorite reports delivered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis directly to your inbox

Efficiently Onboard Employees with Training

  • Set up different onboarding profiles based on job and organizational structure
  • Schedule training assignments within the onboarding period
  • Schedule performance assessments at different milestones during the onboarding process
  • Automate messages that employees receive from their managers during their onboarding period
  • Track onboarding progress for any job or hiring period from a training, performance, and knowledge acquisition perspective
content marketplace
content marketplace

Leverage our Awesome Content Marketplace

  • Choose from 10,000+ online courses from best-in-class content providers
  • Purchase courses and assign them directly to employees based on job, department, or geographic location
  • Track and allocate purchased subscriptions and licenses to your employees

Create new Revenue Streams

  • Publish and monetize your content through Schoox’s Content Marketplace
  • Set tier pricing, issue coupons, and offer discounts to different groups of buyers
  • Track revenue via your financial dashboard
  • Leverage our integrated payment system
learn as you go

Learn As You Go

  • Take courses on the free Schoox mobile app (for iOS and Android devices) with adjusted video resolution to ensure highest quality viewing
  • Have your entire content library at your fingertips
  • Get push notifications about course assignments and other announcements

Compliance Management

  • Track compliance requirements
  • Track your compliance score at all organizational levels (e.g., department, store, region, etc.) and compliance areas (HR, safety, etc.)
  • Build your own notification rules to make sure you will meet compliance requirements on time
compliance management