Schoox Learning Management System: Transform Learning into Business Growth

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  • Learning Engagement

    Traditional “one size fits all” learning systems are too rigid to adapt to the needs of the modern workforce. Schoox’s Learning Engagement module gives L&D teams a branded learning environment in which employees can develop their knowledge and skills anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With Schoox, you can finally create an end-to-end experience that effectively onboards and trains new employees, mitigates compliance risk, and continuously engages and develops talent.

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  • Content Curation

    Schoox’s user friendly content management system allows you to store, curate, and share content. It is a unified repository for training files and web resources where you can upload virtually any file type instantly, including links to content on the web. Create categories and tag content with competencies to make sure you’re sharing the right content with the right people.

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    content curation
  • Social Collaboration

    Now more than ever, it’s important to reach your employees quickly and help them stay connected with one another. Schoox’s Social Collaboration module gives HR and L&D teams simple and quick ways to send companywide announcements, foster team and group communication, and encourage social learning—whether your workforce is in the office, onsite, or working remotely. Cultivate a more connected learning culture with social and collaboration tools that enhance your learning and performance initiatives.

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  • Goals and Performance

    With Schoox, you can establish an agile, continuous performance experience that’s intuitively connected to personalized learning and development initiatives. Spot competency or skills gaps, measure the impact of learning, manage automated and manual assessments, and proactively manage your future learning and talent strategy—all from a single, centralized solution that over 10 million employees already use and love.

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    performance and succession
  • Career Development

    Help your employees build a successful career in your organization. Career development options can retain employees, increase productivity, and ultimately improve business results. Schoox’s Career Development module gives your employees a view into their skill strength and helps suggest complete personalized learning paths that they can follow to acquire the required skills and knowledge for any desired job.

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  • Business Impact

    Proving the impact of training programs can be a time-consuming challenge that often ends up low on IT’s priority list. With Schoox’s Business Impact module, L&D teams can easily correlate company key performance indicators (KPIs) with your training metrics without the need for a separate BI tool. Go beyond basic compliance data and deliver tangible insights connected to overall business objectives to stakeholders and executives.

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We go far beyond simply managing your learning process. We help employees learn, develop their skills, and drive your business growth.



Schoox makes it possible for users to learn anywhere, anytime, and on any device.



The social aspects of Schoox give you the ability to reach your employees quickly and give employees the freedom to collaborate and stay connected.

Customer Centric

customer centric

We won't leave you hanging after you sign the dotted line. Our goal is to maintain your satisfaction with us, beginning with a speedy implementation process followed by the support you need to ensure you get the most value from our product.


integration friendly

We can integrate easily with your HRIS. Our open API is developer-friendly, giving you far more freedom and ability to use our product in a way that best suits your needs.

Our customers' success is the measurement that matters


In a crowded market with over 1,500 companies, Schoox stands out as a fast-growing learning and talent development platform because of our disruptive product approach, our vision to change the way organizations think of corporate training and talent development, and our sincere passion for happy customers.

We challenge the status quo of learning and talent management.

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