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5 January 2018

New Features

  • Asset Management: Admins can now create Assets like Conference Rooms with details like Room Number, Available Seats and Location Address. Then an asset can be added in an event.
  • Multiple Filters on Basic Reporting: When select a report to be generated, users can select two different locations (above units or units) and include the AND or OR logical operator to be applied.


  • Instructor Event Availability Check: When an admin assigns an instructor in an event then, if the instructor is already in another event that takes place the same day, the instructor will not be allowed to be added in the new event. 
  • Exam attempts deletion: A new permission is added for Heads of Above Units, Unit Managers and Assistant Unit Managers to be able to delete exam attempts for an employee from the employees dashboard.
  • No assessment for OJT: In the advanced settings of the academy, admins can select for OJTs to not allow managers to assess the employees

Coming Soon (End of January)

  • Multiple Filters on Advanced Assignments: Admins will be able to add different filters to assign courses or curricula using logical operators AND or OR.