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Reasons to Switch to eLearning

16 April 2015

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Competition in the corporate world has never been as aggressive as it is now. To thrive, gain and sustain a winning edge over competition it is crucial to stay abreast with the latest industry developments. It is important to ensure your organization’s employees have a complete know-how of the industry developments and adopt new practices and technologies right away. This is what makes in industry leaders different from industry laggards and keeps them one step ahead of the competition.

eLearning Helps Train Employees continuously and Cost-Effectively

Knowledge sharing and new skill development though is essential but comes with a huge business cost. It can cost you time, money and work-productivity. To organize workshops and training programs on an ongoing basis, you will have to pay for venues, arrangements, training material and trainers which can add a significantly to your business expense. Arrangements and training sessions all require time and planning. And by asking employees to attend workshops during work hours, it can lower your work productivity greatly.

This brings us to the first reason why you need to make a switch to eLearning. Mobile-learning is perhaps the best better yet cost-effective way to ensure continuous employee development and training. It provides you an open platform to provide training to employees without booking venues or asking employees to attend workshops during work hours. eLearning platforms allow you to assign specific training courses to employees at different levels, share resources and test them.

Maintain the Same Level of Quality Standard across Franchise Units

eLearning is a wise move for those businesses considering global expansion through franchising. To deliver the same customer experience and product & service quality in every franchise unit you open, it is important that all your employees follow the same practices and comply with the same quality standards as you follow locally. Achieving this is difficult but not if you opt for e-learning.

Through this platform you can provide the same level of corporate training and maintain the same standards & customer service across all organizational units.

Training Flexibility

Mobile learning makes training more flexible. Employees can access training courses from anywhere at any time through any mobile device with ease. There is no time restriction. More importantly, employees can refer to resources and training material whenever they want and go through it again to better understand concepts that they couldn’t grasp the first time. They can enjoy learning at their own pace without any pressure.

Promotes Community Building

eLearning provides your employees a platform to interact, communicate and socialize. Through this platform they can:

  • Share ideas
  • Exchange tips
  • Discuss organizational problems
  • And get great advice from senior and experienced employees

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