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The Power of Partnership: Choosing the Right LMS to Amplify Learning

06 October 2023
LMS Customer Support team

Did you know? Our customers love us, and we’re proud to be a true partner to each of them throughout the entire learning lifecycle. Our reputation for stellar service has not only earned us fantastic customer satisfaction scores and many industry awards throughout the years—we’ve also been recognized as UKG’s Partner of the Year.

Everyone knows the importance of choosing a good partner in life; this also applies to selecting a learning management system (LMS). While many technology providers claim to be the best, companies familiar with the LMS landscape know that a learning platform is only as good as the people behind it. For companies without this background knowledge, failing to select the right learning technology provider can be an expensive and difficult lesson to learn.

Here are three “make or break” considerations for any organization looking for a new workplace learning platform and how an LMS provider can impact each.

Onboarding Success

You’ll want to partner with a learning technology provider that understands what it takes to implement software at scale. This could involve integrating with an existing technology stack, curating content, data transfers, and configuring the system to work for your organization.

Beyond the technical processes, the right team will have your back from day one in preparing your internal teams for success. They’ll provide structured training sessions so administrators and other stakeholders understand how to use the platform and offer supplemental resources if needed. From customizing user management to providing communications and an official rollout plan, a solid technology partner can make a complicated undertaking much easier for your whole organization.

Day-to-Day Support

Once implementation is complete, the real work begins. Learning is an ongoing process—businesses need a flexible learning solution to meet evolving demands. Whether that means sourcing content for new training purposes, creating new academies to accommodate expanding business opportunities, or simply managing the routine administration involved in delivering learning programs across an enterprise, you’ll need the support of trusted professionals to get the job done.

Innovative Product Development

Businesses must remain agile and ready to meet any arising challenge. They need the support of expert partners who know how to leverage emerging technology to optimize operations and amplify business performance. Partnering with a learning solution provider that helps your business look ahead, stay flexible, and adapt faster is critical.

Some learning platforms are stuck in the past, while other providers focus on building the best solutions possible for the people and jobs of tomorrow. We understand the difference between promising concepts and fads, and we invest in the research and development required to bring the best ideas to life so they can help drive your business forward.

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