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Top Benefits of Mobile Learning For Corporate Training

03 February 2015

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Mobile training is fast becoming popular due to the massive availability of devices that it functions on. These include personal electronic devices like iPods, tablets and smart phones. Mobile Learning basically means learning through multiple tools including social media and other forms of interactive content like forums.

When someone applies this to their workplace, one of the things that you will achieve is employee satisfaction. Your employees will be happier as they are not attending in house training and neither do they have to travel to the training center. This is definitely one of the many attractive advantages. The following text lists tons of other benefits you can achieve if you introduce Mobile learning as one of your training methods.

Mobile learning saves time

As opposed to face to face training methods, if you train your staff through elearning tactics then you will be able to minimize disruptions that your trainee may face during normal working hours. This is because you are allowing staff to complete the course when and wherever they like.

Accessibility and flexibility

The most common reason why people favor mobile learning is because it is convenient. It can be accessed anywhere at any time, which is especially appealing and effective for deskless workers.

Engaging mobile content

Incorporating graphics, video animations, podcasts and even forums make things a lot more interesting for the learner, and therefore make the trainees eager to learn. Plus it’s difficult to grasp concepts that are explained in a monotonous way or via ineffective training methods such as thick training manuals.

It’s collaborative

Trainees in different locations have access to the same training data. And the best part is that as a trainer, you do not have to travel to different locations, and neither do you have to incur the high costs that are accompanied by that. Just put together a strong training program and trainees will just access it whenever they want.

Every learner is different

No two learners are the same. As a trainer you might lag behind if there is one in your group who takes their time to grasp things. But with mobile learning everyone can complete the training course at their own pace without affecting anyone else’s learning experience.

And there you have it, all the reasons why one should focus less on looking up ‘technological barriers’ (spoiler: they do not apply to mobile learning), and more on how you should be making a course via the mobile learning method for their employees.

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