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People-First Training for Restaurants

16 August 2023

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People-first training for restaurants

Restaurants are notoriously one of the most challenging businesses to operate. From high turnover to isolated incidents with individual guests, there’s a lot of room for messes both inside and outside the kitchen. With so many variables at play, restaurants need tools and resources to help standardize operations and prepare employees for success.

The more restaurants invest in their people up front, the better off they’ll be—ultimately leading to happier customers and better bottom lines. Keep reading to learn three ways restaurants can leverage their learning management system (LMS) to improve training, attract and retain talent, and grow their business.

Make Restaurant Training Accessible Whenever Employees Need It

Restaurants are high-impact environments—when new team members are hired, there isn’t much time for them to learn how to use training software. Things move fast, which means training needs to move even faster. The best case scenario is for new employees to get trained and up to speed as quickly as possible, which requires technology anyone can access whenever they need it.

Restaurants need an LMS that’s designed to be accessible via mobile devices so they can deliver training wherever work happens, but not all mobile learning apps are the same. An LMS that includes a native mobile app is best so restaurants can deliver the same engaging learning experiences no matter which device learners prefer to use. This is especially important for team members who work on the frontlines and need access to training resources as challenges or questions present themselves within the flow of work.

For restaurants with an international presence or simply one with a diverse workforce, it’s also essential to make training accessible in the language(s) with which team members are most comfortable.

Combine Online Learning with On-the-Job Training

Online training is convenient, but some things just have to be taught in-person—especially in restaurant environments. From menu preparation to the specific way silverware should be arranged, there are plenty of tasks training managers need to physically demonstrate to new employees in order for them to get it right.

In workplaces like this, it’s essential to have an LMS that not only helps manage online learning, but also makes it possible to deliver and track training while on the job. The best LMS for restaurants is one that gives training managers and admins visibility into each employee’s independent online coursework as well as their in-person training and evaluations. This allows for a more holistic and effective learning experience for employees, as well as a streamlined administrative experience for managers.

Go Further with Coaching and Talent Development

Learning and development doesn’t end after new hire training is complete. As the “war for talent” continues, restaurants need to show employees they value their work by offering professional development that enables people to advance their careers and move up within the company.

The most successful restaurant enterprises recognize the value of continuous learning. They make an ongoing effort to provide new opportunities for growth and development to each employee and even offer personalized professional development programs for their most promising talent.

Companies dedicated to the professional growth of their people tend to prefer an LMS that incorporates talent development features within the same platform, as this allows them to connect learning initiatives with performance management and career advancement programs. From traditional performance reviews to one-on-one coaching and expert-created coursework on leadership and life skills, the right LMS makes it possible to optimize learning at every stage of the employee lifecycle and ensure everyone has the skills they need to drive the business forward.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the unique learning and development challenges in the restaurant space and how workplace learning helps solve them.

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